Abraham Accords for the 4th Industrial Revolution

“The prosperity of a country can be seen simply in how it treats its old people.”
– Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

The wise know that there is only one great being, the one God, according to the World’s Major Religions. The Christians call him God, the Hindus call him Brahman, the Jews call him Yahweh, the Muslims call him Allah and the Sikhs call him Ek Onkaar. Other religions acknowledge the same, although they might have different names and different interpretations. Of course, there have been misinterpretations, abuse and manipulations by priests and clergy in all religions for vested and nasty interests.

Abraham Accords (just in case you are not aware; Abraham Accords are joint statements between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States, reached on August 13, 2020, which are subsequently expected to cover most of the middle east) should create peace and encourage scientific development and progress in the middle east. These accords will also promote technological collaborations, eco-friendly future and strongly support the green revolution in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). We expect Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan to sign these accords soon in the coming years if not months.

The third world is having a tough time to recover from blind faith, mass corruption, human overpopulation, lack of judicial reforms, constitutional reforms and social reforms. God is largely misinterpreted as a sick, sadistic and evil entity in third world countries. Although third-world countries like Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Mexico, Pakistan and Philippines claim to be developing countries, the fact is that they are light years behind China, USA or Russia. India, my native country is at least 900 years behind China if not 1000 years or more although the Indian Prime Minister is doing a lot of right things in the best interest of the nation. India still needs to accelerate at a great pace, if at all it plans to survive in the long run. The third world countries, if ignored, also threaten human existence due to the chaos that lies in there.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia could gain a lot from Abraham accords. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Jeddah are on track with their modernization programs. What they now need is cutting edge technology that is sustainable, eco-friendly and supports their plan to develop a modern city.

It is time for the third world to stop mass corruption, curb human overpopulation, blind faith and support modernization and ensure sustained development. The communists don’t have a ‘Faith Disease’. They don’t have to fight nasty religious protests, irresponsible comments by the priests and clergy and exploitation of society in the name of religion. This empowers countries like China, Russia and Vietnam to have modern laws, sustained development and modernization of the country while working on eco-friendly technologies and leading 4IR in many ways.

What the Abraham Accords ensure for the middle east is; long lasting peace, socio-economic development, modernization, foreign investment, security, tourism and environmental collaboration. A lot of credit goes to President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu for pushing Abraham Accords at a time when the situation in the Middle East was rather challenging.

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