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Bob Ryan

Absurdity of Equity

Socialist and Marxist thoughts hold to the belief in equality of not just opportunity, but of outcome. The idea that variations exist among people, regarding ability and talent, is something manufactured by existing systems. When those systems are removed, in socialist and Marxist thought, the results should be the same no matter what the task may be and whoever is put in place to perform the task.

After Stalin’s Great Terror, which left 10,000,000 dead, 600,000 of them Jewish, he believed the strong were the ones to remain. It was his attempt to remove the weak from society, which was, and is, very much in line with Darwinian thought.

After the strong had replaced the weak, Stalin took actions he believed would bring about equity, which resulted in massive suffering and death. Among those actions was the manmade famine and starvation of Ukraine.

The Holodomor, more commonly known as the terror famine, was directed by Stalin. Nothing of importance, including propaganda in the various media outlets, happened without his approval. From 1932 to 1933, Stalin’s attempt to bring about equity of farmers resulted in millions dead from more than just starvation, but the problems that arose after it ended in and out of Ukraine.

From an article published in The New Republic, by David Patrikarakos, on November 21, 2017:

“At least 5 million people died from starvation in the Soviet Union between 1931 and 1934—including 3.9 million Ukrainians. And, despite the contentions of certain historians of the Soviet Union, Applebaum argues that these deaths were no accident. As she notes at the beginning of the book, “The Soviet Union’s disastrous decision to force peasants to give up their land and join collective farms; the eviction of “kulaks,” the wealthier peasants, from their homes.”

In theory, one person can farm just as well as another. If they are good socialists and communists, they cannot fail. The peasants were all good socialists and communists, but they still failed. The forced co-op of what had been the ‘Breadbasket of Europe’ had been turned into a nightmare by Stalin.

Stalin was never one to admit he was wrong, and, unlike Chairman Mao who killed almost as many Chinese as Stalin did Soviets, never had anyone stop him. His pursuit of equity resulted in him becoming the biggest mass murdered in the history of the world.

One of Stalin’s final acts before the sadistic psychopath died was to create the ‘Doctors’ Plot.’ This was Stalin’s own final solution for the Jews, who were cosmopolitan and Zionists, to name just two of the many pejoratives used to describe the Jews from the moment Stalin took power. In his twisted mind, the Jews, not his own policies, were the reasons for the failures when it came to the blind pursuit of equity.

Stalin had a long history of Jewish hatred, which was the reason 600,000 died during the Great Terror. His media used inflammatory language off and on throughout his rule. His inner circle, at least those who survived the various purges, were every bit as focused on their own Jewish problem. They did not look at Jews as a race, like Hitler, but as a group who could never be good Soviets.

According to the YIVO Encyclopedia of Jew in Eastern Europe:

“Antisemitic campaign that unfolded in the Soviet Union between 1948 and 1953. The so-called Doctors’ Plot has historically been viewed as the culmination of the vicious antisemitic campaign undertaken by Stalin in the final years of his life. Stalin died before the last stage could be completed and since his death much speculation has grown up about his intentions, the extent of the action envisioned against the Jews, and the meaning of the episode in the context of the cold war.

The Jewish Virtual Library makes the comparison between the Doctors’ Plot and Jews being the source of the Black Plague:

“In accusing the Jewish doctors of being poisoners, Stalin was, of course, reviving a libel that was common among medieval anti-Semites. The most notorious incarnation of the “Jews as poisoners” libel occurred in the fourteenth century when they were accused of having caused the devastating Black Plague by poisoning the wells of Europe. In addition to all the Jews who died from the plague, thousands more were murdered in pogroms prompted by these accusations. In 1610, the University of Vienna’s medical faculty certified as its official position that Jewish law required doctors to kill one out of ten of their Christian patients. One wonders what it must have been like to be in a Jewish doctor’s office — in back of nine other patients.”

When the Communist Party of Kampuchea, more commonly known as the Khmer Rouge, came to power in Cambodia, they created a government of true believers in communism. Their actions, right from the start, was to bring about equity.

From an article published in the BBC on November 16, 2018:

“Under the Marxist leader Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge tried to take Cambodia back to the Middle Ages, forcing millions of people from the cities to work on communal farms in the countryside… But this dramatic attempt at social engineering had a terrible cost… Whole families died from execution, starvation, disease and overwork.”

Pol Pot’s followers did whatever he asked without question as they slaughtered what is estimated to be a third of their population.

Venezuela was the wealthiest country south of the United States. The pursuit of equity has led to financial ruin, starvation and the largest proven oil reserves are unable to reach the pumps, since the government run factories cannot process the oil. Their engineers are true believers, but know nothing of what it takes to produce even a single gallon of gas.

The Venezuelan people are not waiting for the government. They are stealing the crude and making their own gasoline. Equity has nothing to do with ingenuity and individual talents, since they cannot exist according to socialists and Marxists.

According to U S News & World Reports, from Reuters, published on November 19, 2020:

“Venezuelans, desperate for fuel after months of shortages, have begun stealing crude from idled fields owned by state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela [PDVSA.UL] and distilling homemade gasoline, according to two PDVSA workers and a half dozen people familiar with the practice.”

From an article published in Reason, by Andres Figuerdo Thomson, published on February 1, 2021:

“Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves and yet the country has run out of gasoline. The socialist government has lost the capacity to extract oil from the ground or refine it into a usable form. The industry’s gradual deterioration was 18 years in the making, tracing back to then-President Hugo Chávez’s 2003 decision to fire the oil industry’s most experienced engineers in an act of petty political retribution.

The near-total collapse in the nation’s oil output in the ensuing years is a stark reminder that the most valuable commodity isn’t a natural resource, but the human expertise to put it to productive use.”

Equity is an absurd pursuit, since it removes the human factor from the equation. People are different and have different skills and talents that cannot be forced on them. People are not interchangeable as socialists and Marxists believe.

Edwin Thomas and John Wilkes Booth were both raised and trained by a great stage actor and Sephardic Jew, Julius Brutus Booth. Despite equal upbringing, they were not equal in acting. Edwin received rave reviews in the North and Europe, John only in the South. The North put John under his brother’s more talented shadow.

One of many sources about Edwin Booth’s role as Hamlet is from Britannic, “renowned tragedian of the 19th-century American stage, best remembered as one of the greatest performers of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.” Other sources call him the greatest performer of Hamlet.

Equity, whenever attempted, results in suffering every time. The tremendous loss of life when forced to achieve it should never be forgotten. Millions of Jews and gentiles of all classes have suffered at the hands of governments who believe they are the ones who can finally get right where all other failed. If two brothers raised by the same great actor were not equal on stage, then how can equality of outcome be brought about by anyone?

Socialist and Marxist thought, no matter how elegantly written as philosophy or utopian fiction, always fail to include the most important characteristic of their utopian work. In order for their utopia to exist, people must be perfect. Human nature is an unchanging force throughout all recorded history and lacks the perfection required for things like equity to ever exist. Without perfect people, there can be no perfect society.

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