Jerry Stroud
A War Without Equivalence

Accountability Deflected

Many like myself find it hard to wrap one’s mind around how nurturing hate for a civilized country like Israel would allow even the most crusted hearts to boil. Yet, they do. The haters, the protesters, and the anti-semitics consume themselves with the joyful thoughts of annihilating the Israel people.

If a country is to be civilized it must be righteous. If a country is to clothe itself in the fabric of religion it must be compassionate. Hamas is neither. The extremist group has made their intentions clear by placing their own people between the crosshairs of a country defending its survival. Hamas leaders understood from inception that after the October 7th attack Palestine families would be crushed, that entire communities would be leveled. But they slugged forward.

And what protection did the leaders of Hamas put in place to guard their civilian people?  

None. It should be understood they are a fanatical group capable of strapping TNT to the bodies of their own Palestine people, women and children, and able to send them off as suicide bombers. Of course Hamas didn’t send off single individuals, they went large, they wrapped entire communities up and crawled beneath them. 

Unfortunately today’s media coverage has contributed in swaying a great number of people into believing Hamas is the victim. They have helped gain both support and sympathy for the Islamic terror group Hamas. Yet the militants who ravaged lives in Israel are the true killers accountable for Gaza’s destruction. They are the fanatics capable of “strapping” their own Gaza communities to the land they live on and essentially creating one suicide bomber lot. Ultimately what October 7th revealed was Hamas’s lack of defending their own Palestine people. If Hamas cared about their people they would not have placed them before the might of a powerful country defending its very right to live. They are not conducting their operations from afar to mitigate civilians survival, they are not staging operations on the mountain tops or in the forests, or building fortresses looking to mitigate the destruction of the Gaza civilians they claim to care about. Rather they chose to use their people in the most vulnerable, deceptive way.

And while the mainstream media has helped to drive the pro Hamas agenda that’s contributing to the denouncing of Israel, accountability is deflected. Since the  media moved on from October 7th the Israeli slaughtering has become a nothing burger. The unparallel horror placed on Israel has been forgotten and become The Big Lie.  Hamas is the perpetrator. Hamas is the conniver, the instigator and the butcher.  And while the media has taken control of the narrative with tragic images being used like the death of the poor child waving a white flag being shot, they show nothing now of the Israel’s babies being torn from the womb, or of men playing catch with the sliced breast of women, or the insidious images of them joyfully raping the dead. In part because they can’t.  The images are to graphic for the media to show, and to completely vulgar for the world to see. But it is who they are. The Islamic fanatic has no remorse. There is no difference between the loss of one or loss of many. There is no difference in strapping explosives to a suicide bomber or crawling beneath the cover of entire communities. If you think it inconceivable then take a look at the babies Hamas is capable of dismembering.  Think of the family torturing and beheadings . 

Before the first paraglider cord was pulled and lifted into the skies on that October day Hamas leaders certainly understood the fury that would follow. By their fanatical standards they welcomed it. They sat at their breakfast tables rejoicing in what was to come while purposely leaving their civilian people uninformed and unprotected. 

They then simply walked away. 

The images of the casualties Hamas leaders have left behind after their attack on October 7th are staggering. It has led to the eventual monumental rebuilding challenges set before the Palestine people. Yet, one day, with the good help of civilized countries, communities will be restored, and people will return to live a healthy peaceful life. But it will happen only when the cancer of Hamas is surgically removed, and Islamic fanatic groups of the region are completely eliminated, thus leaving Iran no Proxy’s to deflect the blame on or allow them to be basking comfortably in the light of Palestine blood.

About the Author
Jerry Stroud is a published American author whose son is married into a beautiful Jewish family. He understands well, what happens in Israel could happen to any one of us here at home. Consequently, while anti-Israel sentiment is growing, sanctity of life is shrinking. This chilling fact is what has moved Jerry to speak of the inhumanity that is Hamas.