Judah Lifschitz
A Washington DC Trial Lawyer

Achim Anachnu – We Are Brothers

My dear brothers,

Please recite this prayer for unity. 

May it be Your will our Lord and the Lord of our forefathers

That You have mercy upon us and instill in us love, brotherhood, peace, and friendship among us and all the people of Israel

That we shall be united, as we were at Sinai, as it says, “And the Jewish People camped at the mountain as one in complete unity”

That we shall love one another and instill peace among us

Lead us to peace

March us to peace

Guide us to peace

So that we may achieve our dream – the unity of the Jewish People – in life, joy , and peace

With Your infinite mercy enable us to remove hatred, jealousy, and competition from our midst

Save us from the Satan who is parading amongst us and from the baseless hatred which is spreading in the Jewish People

Grant us kindness, selflessness, and mercy in Your eyes and in the eyes of all who see us

Harken to our prayers

For You are the Lord who listens to prayer and is the merciful One

Blessed are You who harkens to the prayers of His nation of Israel with mercy

Amen and so it shall be Your will

About the Author
By profession I am a Washington DC trial attorney. I have written several books including a biography of the Klausenbereger Rebbe. I am also the author of several blogs including Saying Kaddish and a Corona Virus blog.