Adolf Eichmann’s BND file keeps blackened

As the German daily newspaper “BILD” reported on Friday, parts of Adolf Eichmann’s file at the German foreign intelligence, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), keep blackened.

Eichmann argentinian passport

The “BILD” brought the freedom of information issue to the Bundesverwaltungsgericht Leipzig in 2011, when a generally disclosure of the Eichmann records was approved by the federal judges.

The newspaper plead at the federal constitution court to handle even the blackened parts of Eichmann’s BND file in order to verify the BND might have known Eichmann’s alias and residence eight years before his spectacular detention in Argentina 1960.
The court did not take the plead to decision.

The “BILD” examines to plead for publication at the European court for human rights.

Mr Dieter Graumann, chaiman to the Central Council of the Jews in Germany critisized the decision and said, one can have that crumbly feeling as there was something to be covered.

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