Africa Washing!

Earlier today I watched in horror as Yityish Aynaw, an Ethiopian woman, became the latest pawn in the Zionist regime’s PR game. This poor 21 year old immigrant to the Zionist entity is being shamelessly used in order to disguise just how evil their society truly is. She has the dubious honour of becoming Miss er…Evil Entity 2013.

Brothers and sisters this is precisely the kind of behaviour we must demonstrate against in university unions, conferences and supermarkets all over the few cities where the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement has a voice. (I think it’s a grand total of 3 so far and with some really hard work the town of Norwich may soon be ours)

Making an Ethiopian woman Miss Israel serves only to disguise the rampant evil that exists within the er Evil Entity’s society. This shameful act should be expected from a country/entity/geographical location/place/Evil Place that is happy to use any measures it can to disguise the rampant problems in its society.

Thankfully the incredibly unpopular Tel Aviv Gay Pride where mere tens of thousands of people turn up every year to freely express themselves has been unmasked for the PR exercise it is by some highly respected members of the gay anti Israel fight. Hopefully with their tireless campaigning these heroes will succeed in getting all Israeli Gay Pride parades cancelled altogether after exposing them for the anti Palestinian hate fests that the Evil entity really is.

In fact Yityish Aynaw is not the first woman to be shamelessly used in such a way. An Israeli Arab, Rana Raslan, was named Miss Zionist Evilness in just such a way in 1999. This simply goes to show just how desperate the Zionist entity is to mask its apartheid policies. Arabs are able to use Zionist medical facilities, vote in their elections, serve as judges in their courts, study at their universities and live in freedom! In short there is no level that the Zionists won’t stoop to in order to disguise their Apartheid policies, even if it means not having any Apartheid at all (ahem).

So please let us all unite brothers and sisters, although the Zionists disguise their Apartheid by not having any, we know the truth, we know the truth! In the name of poor, threatened, murderous, fascist, anti-Semitic regimes everywhere we shall Boycott Divest from and Wanction* Israel until things change!

Next thing you know those evil Zionists will be withdrawing from the West Bank in an effort to make it look like they’re withdrawing from the West Bank! Comrades we cannot let that happen!

*Please note that the following products are exempt from our BDS campaign because…well we like them too much:

Pentium Processors


Coca Cola

Occasional online poker/casino/slots

Websites that allow me to build my website for free such as Wix that I noticed

The Voicemail in my phone or else how could we plan anti Isr…Zionist entity events.

Zionist made medical devices, all the better to stay alive and carry on the campaign with.

We will however go to supermarkets and film ourselves taking fruits and vegetables to bewildered cashiers and say loudly that we will not be buying these.




About the Author
Marc Goldberg is a copywriter and avid blogger, author of Beyond the Green Line the story of fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada in the IDF Paratroopers