Joanna Harris

After Seven Months of War – What Comes Next?

It has been over seven months since the massacre on October 7th. So much has happened since then and the war is still going on.

Since October 7th, The IDF has made a ground invasion into Gaza where many underground tunnels have been destroyed.
At the moment, The IDF is operating in Rafah (southern Gaza).

This week a video was released of IDF female soldiers being captured by Hamas terrorists at the Nahal Oz army base, close to the border of Gaza. The video is difficult to watch.

There has been a heavy barrage of rockets fired from Lebanon into northern Israel. The residents of the north have been evacuated and are living temporarily in hotels across the country. It is not known when they will be able to return home to the north.

The question is what comes next? It seems to me that the fighting will continue and The IDF will continue operating in Gaza to find and bring back the remaining hostages.
It is not known how many hostages are still alive.

About the Author
Working in the hospitality/travel industry in Israel. Am into spirituality and go to lectures/classes on Jewish mysticism.