Age of Reason or Age of Treason?

Will legal minds and reason prevail or will acts of treason win out? Will villainous Members of Knesset proceed with no consequences to their actions or will reason conquer treason?

I refer, of course, to the recent visit by members of the Joint Arab List Balad faction in the Knesset to family members of known terrorists. They went to comfort the families of terrorists who were killed while trying  (or succeeding) to murder Jews. They went to give them succor, moral support and actively work to help release the bodies of their dead children from Israeli authorities. On the Facebook page of at least one of these MK’s, the terrorists who were shot dead, were referred to as “shahid,” meaning a “martyr.”

According to the Knesset website, the functions of the Knesset are:

Knesset is the legislative branch, with the exclusive authority to enact laws. The Knesset may pass laws on any subject and in any matter, as long as a proposed law does not contradict an existing basic law, and the legislative process is carried out as required by the law. The Knesset supervises the work of the Government through its committees and the work of the plenum.The Knesset has several quasi-judicial functions, which include the power to lift the immunity of its members, and the power to have the President of the State and State Comptroller removed.

Think about the fact that members of this Knesset, the body charged with legislating how our country is run, went to families of those who wish to MURDER Jews purely for the reason that they are Jewish. Their visit, their encouragement, their reaching out in sympathy, empathy and giving succor to the ENEMIES of the State of Israel constitute, in my opinion acts of TREASON. The fact that they claim that those who attempted to (and/or succeeded) to murder Jews were deemed MARTYRS shows exactly where these MK’s stand.

A quick look at the חוק העונשין תשל”ז (The Law of Punishments 1977, enacted by the Knesset) in Section 2 Paragraphs 97-99 indicate that there is certainly grounds upon which to charge these MK’s with treason. No, I am not a lawyer and this is obviously not a “legal” opinion. It is an opinion of a citizen of the State of Israel.

And even if LEGALLY these actions are not proven to be treason, how, in good conscience can we as a people permit members of the Knesset to be members in good standing, when they act in concert with our sworn enemies?! At the BARE MINIMUM they should be ousted from the Knesset forthwith and their immunity be stripped from them. This will enable judicial proceedings against them to commence.

Comparing actions in Israel to another sovereign nation will make the situation HERE seem that much more reprehensible.

Imagine that the day after September 11, 2001, members of the United States Senate would meet with the families of those terrorists who flew the planes into the Twin Towers killing 3,000 people. The purpose of the meeting would be to share their feelings, show sympathy for their plight and to work at securing the bodies (ashes?) of the terrorists. And then, to top it off, one of those Senators would post on his official page that he felt that those terrorists were “martyrs.” How long would that Senator remain in office? How long would it be before he or she would be brought up on charges of TREASON?

We are a nation of laws and a nation of rules, as should be any democratic country. We need to use the fullest extent of the law to protect the dignity of our country and protect our citizens. We need to send a message loud and clear not only to the world but  TO OUR OWN CITIZENS, that we will never stand for anyone, especially Members of Knesset, giving aid, comfort and succor to our enemies!

I publicly call upon our Knesset, the Attorney General and all of the legal branches in this investigation to do all that is in their power to bring this to a quick resolution and, at a MINIMUM, strip these MK’s from their positions and of all of their rights in that position.

Will reason or treason win out? We shall have to wait and see….

About the Author
After living in Chicago for 50 years, the last 10 of which Zev Shandalov served as a shul Rav and teacher in local Orthodox schools, his family made Aliya to Maale Adumim in July 2009. Shandalov currently works as a teacher, mostly interacting with individual students.