Shalom Ahmadinejad

When centuries ago some Euro royals breezed into sea empress Venice to request ships for the then noble cause of the Crusades, the Doge is said to have replied, not missing a beat, “On what terms?”

Jesus meant less to the Venice than did money, and that’s alright, because no one was looking out for Venetians except themselves, and theirs is a city more beguiling and fragile than most.

Less beguiling, and far less fragile, is the United States, a country where the only god is the greenback and that’s sort of alright, except when it comes to taking money from an anti-Semitic enabler of terrorism who dresses funny.

To wit, Ahmadinejad at the Warwick Hotel, in midtown. I guess the Hilton, where the “sourpuss hatemonger” (so says the New York Post) has sojourned in the past, was booked.

You know, as our spineless Secretary of State might say, any Jew who happens to be staying at this old New York hotel where the troll of Persia is bedding down with his contingent of goons could be forgiven for wanting to sue the hotel for wanton infliction of emotional distress.

Since neither Obama nor Bloomberg had the balls to deny Ahmadinejad entry to the U.S., it was incumbent on the private sector to raise the drawbridge and keep the bad company out. They didn’t. No moat, no principles either: those hotel managers are nothing but corporate knaves — slaves to the dollar bill.

For an overgrown flea who spews vile anti-Jewish invective, who preaches hatred of “the West” to the point of apoplexy, who hijacks Palestinian politics for his own self-preservation, deserves to stay in a fleabag hotel like this one.  Or at least, in New Jersey.

Ditto for the Secret Service agents who are giving protection to this fascist insect at U.S. taxpayer expense. Shame on you Barack Hussein!


It has emerged, or perhaps I am the last to know, that Germany is one of Iran’s most important trading partners. This is as unattractive as the German language itself.

I don’t care that Germany criminalizes Holocaust deniers. I don’t care that they erect solemn and lovely plaques here and there. That’s the easy stuff. Throwing any living German who spat on a Jew from 1939 to 1945 in jail, harder.

Disenfranchising the global champions of hate, also hard. I thought the Germans were supposed to be hard workers. Abrogating all commercial ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran will certainly not set Germany free, but it would definitely send the right message — not just to Iran, but to a couple hoteliers in New York City, too. Maybe even a President.