Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


Artificial intelligence is all the talk. It is suddenly taking the world by storm. Experts are warning us about the dangers, and how it will soon put many people (according to one estimate, 300 million) out of work. Educators are wondering what to teach students, as numerous subjects will soon become redundant. (Why teach law and medicine, if AI will provide the answers?) Memorizing certain information may soon be a thing of the past, replaced by teaching kids reasoning skills.

Lately there has been much criticism of Yeshivas that teach Jewish knowledge and reasoning skills (in Talmud), instead of core English studies which are necessary to find employment. It seems that the quickly approaching AI revolution has turned this criticism upside down.

Also, numerous technological advances (for example: nuclear fission, 3D printing, etc.) will reportedly bring the word cheap and plentiful energy and food.

Maimonides writes (at the end of his magnum opus “Yad Hachazaka”) that in the time of the Redemption, there will be no hunger or war or jealousy etc., for goodness will flow in abundance, and all delights will be available as dust. And everyone will strive to know G-d… as Isaiah (11; 9) states: “The world will be filled with knowledge of G-d, just as the waters cover the sea.”

May it transpire now.

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