AIPAC Should Add a Qualification for Endorsement

AIPAC, which has America’s largest pro-Israel PAC, endorses candidates from both parties who support a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. The AIPAC PAC has been sharply criticized by liberal Jewish groups for endorsing about 75% of the Republicans who refused to certify President Joe Biden’s election on Jan. 6, 2021. We suggest that AIPAC can respond to this criticism by taking the following two steps.

(1) APAIC should make the following announcement which should also appear on its website.

“AIPAC firmly believes that all the evidence, validated repeatedly by the courts,  demonstrates conclusively that the 2020 U.S. presidential election was fair. AIPAC urges all Americans, particularly those whom we endorse, to accept the result of this election and acknowledge that Joe Biden is the legitimate president of our nation.”

(2) AIPAC bases its endorsement solely on a candidate’s support for Israel. This is certainly a necessary qualification. However, for many American Jews, a candidate’s pro-Israel record alone may not be a sufficient qualification for AIPAC to endorse the candidate. AIPAC’s membership consists of a large number of small donors and a smaller number of large donors. We recommend that AIPAC should poll all of its members to see if a majority want to add the qualification that a pro-Israel candidate must also demonstrate a record of upholding America’s fundamental democratic values.

About the Author
Ted Sheskin is a professor emeritus of industrial engineering at Cleveland State University, and the author of a textbook, Markov Chains and Decision Processes for Engineers and Managers. He has published peer-reviewed papers on engineering systems and mathematical algorithms. His letters to editors addressing politics, economic policy, and issues facing Israel and American Jews have appeared in the NY Times, Daily News, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland Jewish News, Jewish Week, the Forward, and Jewish Voice.
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