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Alan helped every single person he met

Alan Weinkrantz's sudden death is a loss for all who knew him, the Start-Up community, and the state of Israel

For regular Times of Israel readers, Alan Weinkrantz’s blog is a wonder to read and behold. Alan wrote regularly, and many of you when reading this will be upset to know that last night, 18 June 2016, he was tragically killed when a car veered off a busy Tel Aviv street into Alan. Two other Israelis also lost their lives in this crash.

I had the privilege of working with Alan, or more accurately, watching him work. Alan was a packet of energy, Texas sized energy. He was a proud supporter of ideas, technologies and products from Israel and he helped many local firms grow larger by making priceless inroads to the North American markets. In recent years he was also a catalyst for younger Israeli marketing folks to learn with him as they reached out via social media outlets and learned together how to market Israel and its strong technology sector.

Those of us who knew him as a colleague and friend mourn Alan’s death and are deeply saddened that we will not be reading any more of his lively, interesting and fun blogs. We will no longer be able to hold conversations nor throw out our ideas at him to see and hear his response.

I asked some of Alan’s legion of colleagues, friends, associates and admirers to say a few words about him, and I invite any readers of this post to add your thoughts in the comments below.

Ben Wiener, Managing Partner, Jumpseed Ventures

So often, big personality is accompanied by big ego. Alan was such a giant personality, with such a big heart – and no airs about him, no ego whatsoever. He was a true, sincere friend. He always just wanted to listen, and help, selflessly: “How can I be helpful?” are the words I keep hearing in my head as I think about him. He always had a smile, and always brought a smile to others’ faces. He lit up the room when he walked in. He was loved and will be missed by everyone who knew him.

Mordecai Holtz, CEO Blue Thread Marketing

Alan was humble yet passionate. He was a mentor and friend to many and an ambassador to the entire State of Israel. He understood how to break the barriers of communications by working tirelessly to give any Israeli entrepreneur, venture or startup a voice in global media. Alan’s ability to craft beautiful posts on social media and blogs showed his constant ability to add value and be helpful to everyone. His knowledge of tech was big but his heart and smile were bigger. He walked the walk and talked the talk. No person who interacted with Alan was left uninspired. I merited to have met Alan several times both in my role as a digital marketer for the city of Jerusalem and as a young entrepreneur. In both cases, he empowered me to think bigger, constantly challenge the norm, and to leverage every opportunity to create new ones.

Alan knew that he served as an ambassador and took the role of El Presidente seriously. He rocked with the big boys but knew how to roll with the newbies. Alan understood that collaboration and comrraderie were the source of success. Competition didn’t exist in Alan’s lexicon. He simply looked beyond the pale of potential challenges and proudly stated that in the cloud of tech, there was no need for hate, racism, or stigma.

Today, the flags of Israel and Texas are flying at half mass in memory of Alan Weinkrantz, the ultimate ambassador.

Keren Brown, Food Writer and Social Media Strategist

Alan was one-of-a-kind in every sense of the word. He helped every single person he met. He influenced every person in the most positive way. He made things happen. He changed things. He shared everything and never thought twice about it. He spent every minute of his life helping others and making a difference. We will miss Alan dearly. We will miss what he did for Israel and what he did for the world.

Nir Kouris, a start-up evangelist from the Startup Nation

Why did I lose you Alan Weinkrantz? Why did Israel lose you, our friend? Why I didn’t know and just found out you are not with us anymore? Why?

Alan was my biggest supporter in tech. He was Israel’s biggest tech social media supporter. You can see him sitting next to me last week (in front of Eric Schmidt) I wanted the world to know Alan so I kinda interviewed him. Because I like my friends and followers to see a good person- a great role model.Every time Alan came to support me, my tech tours, my videos, he strongly recommended I’ll keep on doing that. He was my mentor and I called him a great friend.

Alan, you gave me so much and gave so much for our country. Israel.

I miss you already, I promise to tell everyone about you, your contribution to our world

Thanks for being a real friend — I will use everything I learned from you and always remember you and I’m sure Israel’s tech people agree with me. You are the best one.

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Josh Shuman is the owner of S&A Communications, a Jerusalem-based public relations and marketing communications agency serving international markets as well as the local Israeli business, financial and academic worlds.