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Alienation and the Reality of a Renegade Jew

Well that didn’t take long. The Jewish-American community has once again alienated my family. I foolishly thought for a moment there during this last election cycle, that I found a way back to the Jewish world after having left due to the political machinations and the lauding by national Jewish groups of Israel-hating progressives. In truth, I never believed in the Big Tent and I never will. There are some ideals and positions that are just anathema to survival. Supporting suicidal policies to gain approval from those that hate you is simply untenable.

In truth, we are a family of #NeverTrumpers, because misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, ableist and hateful rhetoric, appealing to the baser instincts of humanity never ends well for Jews, no matter what the GOP Party platform says about Jerusalem. But because we voted democratic this time, doesn’t mean that I plan to throw away everything I believe in. My view that Trump was the greater of two evils, doesn’t mean I accept the Leftist progressive vision of the USA. Because Hillary lost doesn’t mean I  need to go running to the altLeft to beg them to accept me as a Jew. A Jew who believes in Jewish self-determination, Jewish equal rights, and that we are an indigenous people in the Land of Israel, in other words, a proud Zionist. I reject the altLeft as much as I reject the altRight. I recognize that the people on the altLeft are antisemitic. They just use different words and have different “friends” than the altRight.

It is a sad state of affairs that many national Jewish organizations, like AJC, and elected Jewish-American officials, are so mortified by the thought of a Trump Presidency that they are joining now with Islamist organizations, and people, that support groups which promote genocide against Jews. ISNA and CAIR support Hamas, Hezbollah, the Moslem Brotherhood, and the BDS movement. These same groups were implicated in the HolyLand terror funding trial, channeling money to Hamas. But AJC is running with outstretched arms to embrace ISNA because Trump is a perversion of what it means to be an American, ignoring that supporters of Hamas also pervert what it means to be an American.

Moreover, ISNA and CAIR  support radical Islam and use their national prominence to stand against the Moslem Reform Movement, putting in danger the lives of true Moslem reformers. These groups advise the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has designated true courageous Moslem reformers as extremists, putting their lives in danger. These groups are trying to destroy people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Majid Nawaz, who are fighting to save their own people from the scourge of Islamism. AJC, ridiculously, does not look to the likes of Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a reformer and pro-Israel Moslem, who sees the danger of Islamism in her own community.

Additionally, the new minority leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, has endorsed Keith Ellison for new DNC head, even though Ellison has association with Islamist and antisemitic organizations. He is called CAIR’s man in Congress after-all. He also votes against Israel every chance he gets, voted for the Iran Deal and is endorsed by JStreet.

If JStreet endorses you, and you support the Iran Deal, you are not pro-Israel. And if you are not pro-Israel, you are definitely not good for the Jews of America. Anti-Zionism is the modern version of anti-semitism.  And holding Israel to a higher standard than other nations, including America’s Moslem friends, is antisemitism in its most basic form. That is Ellison, and it is mortifying that someone of Schumer’s stature thinks to endorse him as a righteous democratic leader.

Instead of soul searching, understanding that the democratic outreach to the radical Left has alienated voters, the democrats double down on the fringe of their party.The present democrats are begging to include the Jew-hating altLeft of Cornell West and James Zogby, because Hillary, who stopped their anti-Israel resolutions in the platform committee, lost.

There is no question that this will lead to a generational tilt towards reactionary republican policies. If you don’t think that the USA is a center-right country, then just look at the republican hold not only on Congress, but on almost 2/3rds of the State legislatures and governorships to see the voter attitude toward the progressive Left. The US is one state legislature away from Republicans being able to amend the US Constitution. And advocating more nonsensical rejected leftist notions, is not going to endear the average American to vote democrat.

What a depressing reality has befallen the Jewish-American community. My family is not socially conservative, so we don’t belong among conservative Jews, but we are also not blind liberals, so we don’t belong among the bourgeoise of the Upper West Side. The irony is that Jewish organizations lament why so many in the Jewish community are uninvolved and seek out groups outside the traditional Jewish-American community to express our citizenship. Well this is why. The Jewish community is many things, inclusive is not one of them. They do not practice what they preach.

These national Jewish groups do not speak for most of us that adhere to socially progressive ideas, but who at the same time don’t need to beg those who hate us, to accept us. Not that any of these national Jewish groups, or their leaders, will seek self-reflection and self-awareness. As with the rest of the progressive world, they view everything through the lens of elitism and ignore the true issues facing Jewish-Americans. They reside in their own echo chamber, and refuse to listen to anyone who doesn’t march in lockstep with them. The biggest issue facing my children isn’t intermarriage, its a Jewish leadership that plays fast and loose with our children’s future, in order to aggrandize themselves into a political party apparatus that has no respect for them as Zionist Jews in the first place.

Again, my family resides in a political wilderness. No Temple-we left the Reform Movement years ago. No political party-we are registered Independents. No place of true acceptance-the ultimate “Renegade Jews.” So where do we go? Well sadly that may actually be outside the Jewish world. And for us that is the saddest reality of all.

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#RenegadeJew ...Elise's specific background deals with the practical aspects of raising special needs children. She has over 20 years experience advocating for her sons and others. Her motto: Don't put off the important things. Stand up for what you believe in. Do what is right and honest. Have patience. Have self-respect. Be kind. And above all BE BRAVE. Elise is a graduate of Boston University Law School and a Certified College Transition Coach for Persons with Asperger's Syndrome. She blogs under a pen-name to protect her sons' privacy.
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