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If you are interested in business and philanthropy, the chances are good that you have heard a bit about Robbie Rothenberg.  Mr. Rothenberg is the co-founder and managing member of RedRock Real Estate Group, LLC, known for owning various residential communities all throughout Ohio, Chicago, and greater Midwest. He has worked to organize partnerships for acquiring over 13,000 apartments across the United States as both sponsor and principal.

From a philanthropy standpoint, Robbie has a focus on outreach, education and improving the world around him. He has been active in many local and national charities, as well as those abroad in Israel. Regarding business, he is not only fair but also well known for being the kind of personality that you love to work with, regardless of the project at hand.

Robbie Rothenberg sits on the board of Isralight, which is an organization that works to foster a “Jewish Renaissance” by way of education. He is also an executive board member of the America-Israel Friendship League. You should also know that he is actively involved in a charity that works to feed the poor across Jerusalem, known as the Carmei Ha’ir. There is also Ohr Torah Stone, which is a wonderful educational institute that was founded by Rabbi Schlomo Riskin.

Robbie and his wife Helene currently live in Woodmere, NY with their three children by the name of Yeshiva, Midreshet Harova, and Haftr. All three of their children also share in their great passion for Israel and are destined to be well-known philanthropists in their own right and also start companies.

Both Robbie and his wife are always looking for ways that they can take part in fundraising programs that work to fund educational programs and outreach. From a philanthropist standpoint, Rothenberg also takes great pride in working on ways to enhance the planet to make it a better place for everyone to live. He and his wife enjoy looking into ways that they can bring people together as a way to focus on Israeli charities along with finding new avenues for education.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can excel in both business and philanthropy, you will see that taking a few notes from Robbie Rothenberg and his wife Helene will give you a good basis as a starting point. These are two individuals who have been working hard to make the world a better place, not only for their family but also many people around them.

About the Author
Robbie Rothenberg is a dedicated community activist and philanthropist. His strong connection to Israel is exemplified by his having volunteered under the Sar-El program, with the Israeli army on a base near Be'er Sheva. Robbie is one of the founders of Yeshivat Orayta, a Jerusalem based Yeshiva for high school graduates; and serves on the advisory committee of the Eagles Wings Israel Experience Program, which sends Christian college students to Israel to empower them to become advocates for Israel on their respective campuses and beyond.
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