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All eyes are on Israel

Thanks be to G_d for the Jews. As always they are a stand-in and convenient fodder through which to highlight and resolve the world’s problems.

Of course, I am talking about the Middle East, the Palestinian cause, and the current constant news-feed of crisis at the Gaza borders. Now, one would have to admit that as a matter of convenience and out of kind consideration for journalists, being bused to the front-lines, accompanied by victims’ families, and supplied with additional documentation precisely describing scores of injustices, who could resist the story, especially when it’s already half written? As I write this story I can tell you what a Google search inputting Russia and Syria yields. We find scores of reports on political considerations, some discussions of military activities, and remarkably, no atrocities, deaths or maiming injuries. It’s really a clean slate to be solved by academics and politicians. Gaza and Israel? You guessed it. Highlighted by Google hits including atrocities on camera and off camera, horror stories of “Video Shows Palestinian Protester Shot in Head Dozens of Meters From Gaza-Israel Border Tahrir Abu-Sabla was waving his hands in the air when he was shot Sunday at a protest near Khan Yunis. Palestinians report he was critically wounded.” This is a clear case, at least from the newsworthiness point of view, full of visual drama and harrowing suffering that point clearly to perpetrators and victims. No subtleties here, no need to do investigative work, everything is cleanly packaged ready for televising and printing.

Since I tend to wonder in thinking, right now I’d like to know what Frederica Mogherini is doing? The questions are not that difficult. Federica Mogherini’s website shows an impressive team with wide reaching interests that are ready to solve all of the world’s problems (as a reference point:

Once I examined this website with great care, I was still left with a few questions. Questions such as, have you ever heard of Russia? Do you know who Putin is? It is an incredible fact that the EU spends more effort critiquing Israel, highlighting the Palestinians’ cause, and in general, admonishing Israel and intruding directly on the nation’s political processes, than any other causes, situations, or tragic atrocities. The most recent of the atrocities I mention, are taking place in Syria as this is written. While at the UN level Russia successfully blocks any effort to condemn these events, the EU is completely silent, even as its members are finally reacting in a concerted manner. Make no mistakes; it is the EU and Mogherini who I am pointing my finger at.

There is something really amiss with the EU attitude toward Russia, especially when one considers the fact that this is the one very large country sitting just over the borders of member countries. While inexplicable, I cannot help but remember that roughly speaking the EU nations borders have a very familiar resemblance to the countries most responsible for hosting the Holocaust and sites of atrocities. Yes, I am speaking of the birthplace of 19thand 20thCenturies anti-semitism.

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Born in Cluj, Romania to Holocaust survivor parents, he and the family fled Communism at age 10 and lived as refugees in Italy for about a year. Arrived to USA at age 11 A graduate of Boston University Medical School, Dr. Mayer was the lead investigator and first author for a series of published research that introduced to the world peripheral thrombolytic therapy for myocardial infarction, a first-ever event. These procedures are commonplace today and have saved millions of lives. After years of work in the USA as a clinician, researcher, and professor he moved to Israel where he earned two back-to-back MA degrees from the University of Haifa: Holocaust Studies and Israel Studies. He continues to research and publish in the fields of identity and peoplehood as related to sociopolitical events with a concentration in museal studies and performative aspects of academic learning, i.e. experiential learning. His expertise in museal studies and Holocaust historiography resulted in him being named Head Historian at Martef Hashoah Museum in Jerusalem [2015-2018] In February 2018, according to, he was ranked in the top 1% of researchers worldwide As a way of introducing the whole picture, some other facts need mention. During 1989, Dr. Mayer returned to his native birthplace [Cluj, Romania] and was a prominent figure in the 1989 Romanian Revolution. He was for two decades an accomplished triathlete, competing at elite international levels. He competed in three World Triathlon Championships and completed multiple Ironman Triathlons in places ranging from China to New Zealand and Canada to Europe; in addition, a mention needs to be made of the 44 marathons he completed
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