Naomi Frankel

All eyes on Rafah?

All eyes on the Hamas Isis terrorists, a multitude made up of those innocent Gazan civilians we are meant to cry for. Who actively enjoyed their pogrom rampage, laughing while burning Jews alive, raping a mother while making her smell the charred flesh of her baby being baked in the oven. Shooting broken bloodied bodies in shelters, joyous to see them jump.

All eyes on the teenage Jewish ‘Sabiya’, Islamist sex slaves while the world willingly looks the other way.

All eyes on the ghouls online who gurned with glee as our people burned, whooping wild eyed, praising the rightful ‘rEsIsTeNcE’.

All eyes on Palestinian children.

Captured on their cameras. Seen by eyewitnesses. On the streets spitting on corpses, torturing terrified Israeli children dragged into Gaza.

All eyes on you – their Islamist and leftist fans, Western influencers and celebrities.

All eyes on your heinous hypocrisy, your rape denial, your post Me Too mockery and derision of our abuse, picking away at the pain of our grieving, bereaved mothers.

Dancing on the blood of our butchered babies one day and denying their deaths on another.

All eyes on your hatred, your hostility towards any highlighting of our hostages, your vicious verbal and physical attacks on Jews all over the world.

All eyes on the horror that is our hostages kept hidden and hapless Hamas airstrikes causing confusion and delusion.

All eyes on the nightmare your demon darlings DELIBERATELY inflicted on Kibbutz Nir Oz, on Kfar Aza, on Beeri, on Nova.

All eyes on the double standards and deceit and disgusting desire for more dead, defenceless Jews.

All eyes on Rafah.

About the Author
Naomi is a freelance writer and Jewish/Israel activist. Keep up with her on Instagram and Tiktok: @partisanprincess