All things Israel and all things Maryland… A tribute to Israeli fashion designers

Chosen Designs is really happening. You might ask what is it?

It is a partnership with two brilliant people from Columbia, Maryland — Larry Brill, Susan Groman and myself. It is based in Columbia, Maryland to help fabulous emerging Israeli fashion designer launch their careers around the world.

So there you have it… a connection between Israel and Maryland.

On December 19, Chosen Designs hosted a wine and cheese reception to showcase two of these designers – Wear My Prayer and Toosha.

Our friends loved all the products. It was a great testing of the waters.

Here are some pictures.



And the instigator of all of this is Galit Reismann, Founder of TLVStyle, who I met last October when she guided the group of 32 women that I was part of around Tel Aviv to meet some amazing designers.

After that I was hooked and I could shop without guilt… as I love to support the Israeli economy ..or at least that is how I justify it.

So why now?

TLVstyle Founder Galit Reismann. Photo compliments of Anat Reismann Kedem.


“My passion for this and knowledge of how to pick the right people to show makes it happen,” said Galit Reismann, the founder of TLVstyle, a self-styled tour of Tel Aviv designers.” It’s about showing the conversation, that we struggle in all kinds of spectrums of life, but despite the lack of materials, traffic, customers, people create and dream and find channels to export and spread the news. And the minute I”m passionate to share the story, people get it.”


“We’ve been around for some 65 years and we’ve been bubbling around in the same pot since then,” she said. “We all became one village, with all the differences in the cultures, and you don’t have that everywhere else. Not even in Paris, with all the classic fashion houses. There it’s just more of the same,” continued Reismann.

“There’s something in our DNA, it’s a crazy place and because most people who come don’t know Israel or have a different image because of the politics or soldiers, I show that in that whole thing, there’s a lot of spirit and brazenness and there’s a place for it,” said Reismann. “I’m trying to show one angle of it.”

Source: TLVstyle guide Galit Reismann (R) with a San Francisco Federation mission (Courtesy TLVstyle Facebook page)

And here is some more from Reismann from Israel21c

So what do a couple of the designers say…Are we fabricating a demand without purpose or solution?

I would argue not.

Ms. Tom Moatty, Founder and Designer of Toosha, an ECO friendly designer who makes clothing out of bamboo, soy, cotton and other natural fibers, says the following.


“My name is Tom. I’m 26 years old.
I have a degree in Textile Design, specialty in knitting.!video/c65q

I design and create Eco -Friendly accessories made of Natural Materials with a Handmade touch.

The unique character of each item is achieved through special knitting techniques using fine and delicate threads, hand dyed, embroidering, weaving, and felting.

The items design begins from the design of the yarn, through the design of the textile texture combined with the design of the shape.

The unique design is characterized by softness,…

My favorite materials are All Natural, Cotton, Bamboo, Linen, Wool, Soy, Felt, Silk, Wood, and Stones.

Click here to view photos and more about Tom.

And here are some words about Galya Harish, another one of the spectacular Israeli designers. Galyas “Wear My Prayer” line of blessing flower jewelry, is unlike anything I have ever seen. Have you ever seen a pendant actually bloom while wearing it… and then I can say a prayer…whatever I want to pray… and it will do this for twenty years. I would say that is pretty darn special.

Here are a few words from Galya from her website:

A personal story, and a prayer

“Going through life, you realize that we all have many prayers; no matter what religion we have or where we are from. Our prayers change by the day, sometime by the hour.


We pray to find love, keep our love or be loved. We pray for the health of our loved ones, we pray to keep healthy. We pray to be happier, more relaxed and to be in peace with others in our lives. We pray for success in whatever we do.

However, during our busy days, we forget these prayers. We get swayed with everyday life… and forget to practice what we prayed for.

I realized that when you wear your prayer close to your heart, it’s a constant, physical reminder of what you wished for or of what others wished for you; and as you touch your jewel during the day, you think about the prayer it holds, you feel its energy and your prayers can become a reality.

This is what Wear My Prayer is all about – creating trendy, chic jewellery that will carry your prayers close to your heart in style. We believe that when you wear your prayer, good things happen.

Since we started Wear My Prayer, we received numerous personal and powerful stories about how meaningful jewelry has changed people’s lives.

I invite you to read our testimonials, visit our blog, and send us your personal experience after wearing your prayer.

Yours truely,


Chosen Designs is very excited about helping these great designers… But there are so many more.

And some final words from Galit Reismann:

“There’s something in our DNA, it’s a crazy place and because most people who come don’t know Israel or have a different image because of the politics or soldiers, I show that in that whole thing, there’s a lot of spirit and brazenness and there’s a place for it,” said Reismann. “I’m trying to show one angle of it.”

Galit Reismann, of TLVStyle unlocks the door to those designers. And my partners and I will travel to Israel at the end of May to meet some more.

And yes, I am addicted to shopping and supporting the Israeli economy!

About the Author
Jane Zweig is an independent analyst and rainmaker who loves Israel. Jane's background hails from the high tech sector, where she worked consulting with Israeli start ups, large companies, financial institutions and the government sector. Jane is currently working with Middle East analysts and Israeli fashion designers to spread their message and products to the United States and the world. She also works with The Jewish Federation of Howard County, Maryland on its soon to be launched Israel speaker series as well as co chair of the 2015 Journey to Israel sponsored by the Federation. Jane lives in the great State of Maryland, which is neither here nor there, but she is very proud of where she lives and Maryland's ties to Israel..both personally and independently.