All things Israel and all things Maryland: My tribute to Arik Einstein


Arik Einstein. One of my favorites. Even though I live across the pond, I too share my love of Einstein with my Israeli brothers and sisters and mourn the loss of Arik Einstein. I loved him no less.

Though Arik Einstein died on November 26, I didn’t have the proper platform to share his music. But I shared it a lot on Facebook. Now I can share it with the readers of my blog for The Times of Israel … All Things Israeli and All Things Maryland.

My good friends Dror Levy and Doron Netanel introduced me to Arik Einstein’s music back in the 1990’s. Yes, I know it isn’t as early as most Israelis got to know him but I still got to know and love his poetic and romantic songs. And I didn’t even understand what the songs meant.  I just knew that I liked the melodies.

And by the way, I have gotten to know Hebrew or Ivrit as a result of listening to Israeli music..another bonus. I am not fluent but I can get least I know how to order some food, go to the toilet, go shopping, and say I love you..probably not with the right tense or whether masculine or femine.

Ani ohev ata Arik Einstein. I love you Arik Einstein and I shall miss you and your music forever.

So what does this have to do with Israel and Maryland. Arik Einstein was Israeli and I am from Maryland.

Enjoy a few of my favorite songs.

About the Author
Jane Zweig is an independent analyst and rainmaker who loves Israel. Jane's background hails from the high tech sector, where she worked consulting with Israeli start ups, large companies, financial institutions and the government sector. Jane is currently working with Middle East analysts and Israeli fashion designers to spread their message and products to the United States and the world. She also works with The Jewish Federation of Howard County, Maryland on its soon to be launched Israel speaker series as well as co chair of the 2015 Journey to Israel sponsored by the Federation. Jane lives in the great State of Maryland, which is neither here nor there, but she is very proud of where she lives and Maryland's ties to Israel..both personally and independently.