All Those Who Are Cake Are Not Sponge

You may come to a point in your life where you start to wonder if Pizza and Dim Sum can one day coexists in harmony. I sometimes wonder about cake.

I often try to recall the old days when birthday parties consisted of a main, spongy cake, glazed with cream and an edible, frosted picture of the birthday child. But as cake starts to progress, tolerance proves itself—or humans do prove it—to be inversely proportional.

Humans seem to favour all those new modern cakes. From ice cream cakes to those double-white-chocolate-triple-fudge-cinnamon-oatmeal-cookie cakes. With all those various cake creations, humans developed diverse kinds of acceptance to modern cakes. However, they are not diverse enough to tolerate views that stand in opposition to their own. I heard many humans utter words of hate against the simple sponginess of a dessert that is not trying to do anything but mind its own business. “Not edgy enough,” they say, “Offensive,” they say. If you like sponge cake then you are automatically categorised as the “other cake” hater, you are dissed and hated for it. But if you turn the tea table around and merely comment on how very heavy is that double-white-chocolate-triple-fudge-cinnamon-oatmeal-cookie cake, then you are the first half of a devil cake.

Assimilation and conformity are necessary for a society to have a defined direction of progression. In order to fit in with all your Facebook not-friends, and in order to stay on the “CC” (Cake Correct) end of the tea table, you feel like complying is actually the right answer. But here I am speaking for the post-sponge cake individual, channeling their stifled voices from the chasm of verbal impotence into a glorious future of endless cake creations and tell you it is okay to believe in sponge cake.

About the Author
Elham Nasser Eddin is a small girl from Shuafat. This year she did ‘Mechina’ at the Hebrew University. She still doesn't know where she is heading off to study after this year.