All Together Now! Cyber attack on IPO didn’t stop the Music!

Maestro Lahav Shani. credit:

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…      blip!

The highly anticipated GALA concert wasn’t there.  I couldn’t figure out why though until I frustratingly left the link to return to the mundane.  That’s when I found this message:

Dear Friends,

It was just confirmed to us that we are experiencing a cyber attack sabotaging our Gala. This is devastating but obviously the world we are living in. We apologize for all inconvenience and ask you to stay with us as Medici is giving its utmost to restart the program soonest.The music will play on, always!

The IPO Foundation & American Friends of the IPO


Today was a day to celebrate music, the universal language – you know- the one that everyone understands.  Well, I’m saddened that IPO experienced and had to send out the above notice that there had been a cyber attack on their IPO Global GALA Concert, which interfered with the broadcast for quite a while.  Indeed, nearly the whole concert was disrupted!  With the coronavirus affecting the world and people yearning for relief, it was a matter of the world literally coming together in unison, from a distance, and overcoming myriad obstacles to make this special sound of music happen on an unprecedented grand scale.  It was to bring us all closer and feel less isolated. This was to be a concert like never before.  A joyous GALA!

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Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Gala Announcement

The official Israel Philharmonic Orchestra notice exclaimed:

“Celebrate the IPO and support Israel’s finest musical voice in these challenging times.

Join Dame Helen Mirren, Maestro Lahav Shani and iconic soloists and conductors for an exceptional Global Gala, featuring Maestro Zubin Mehta, Pinchas Zukerman & Amanda Forsyth, Itzhak Perlman, Khatia Buniatishvili, Yefim Bronfman, Sir András Schiff, Gil Shaham and Adèle Anthony, Maestro Gianandrea Noseda, Chen Reiss, Martin Fröst and Evgeny Kissin.

Access to the IPO Global Gala is free.”

FREE!   Another astounding feature, considering there would be countless world renowned performers.

Cyber attacks won’t stop the music!

“This is devastating but obviously the world we are living in.” Perhaps that’s the most disturbing note from the IPO’s above cyber attack alert.

Shame on hackers, all those involved who deliberately disrupted.  They totally missed the point.  This was a GLOBAL Concert, meant to bring joy to everyone, regardless of who you are or where you’re from, or anything else.  It was for them just as much as anybody else, but they were too busy dismantling harmony to notice.  Perhaps, somewhere deep inside these hackers, the dissonance of hatred and greed had supplanted the music of love and respect.

It was a time to listen!  It was a concert of a wide range of music genres, to engage our senses, watch, be mesmerized, entertained, inspired, uplifted!  As the program intended, this was literally the hour to rise and celebrate music together in these challenging times.  Performers from around the world participated!  It’s rare to find in one place, all in one major performance, such a grouping of extraordinary, highly esteemed musicians, singers, chamber ensembles, soloists, and orchestra.  Oh, well not exactly in one place, but due to modern technology, all brought together.  Dame Helen Mirren hosted, no less.

Well, cyber bullies don’t get to spoil the spirit!

Music being a universal language, living within each of us, lives on!  The show must go on- and it did!  After many tries, and missed performances, viewers could finally watch the program, long after the original starting time. Unfortunately, by then the show was almost finished.

Thankfully, I received a new email of reassurance from the IPO:

Dear All,

As we are working on solving the technical problems, you can watch the full Gala now on Facebook -using this link: IPO Global Gala.  You can slide the timer to the left and watch the Gala from the beginning. We hope you enjoy and will update you!

The IPO Foundation & American Friends of the IPO

This unique Gala Program is a treasure.  So Enjoy!

All Together Now, 

“Long live the human spirit and music to carry it freely!”

Miriam Leah


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