Mort Laitner
Mort Laitner

All Trump Supporters Are Members of QAnon

I use to think that there were two types of Trump supporters.

Those that were members of QAnon and those that were not.

Boy was I wrong.

I use to think there were the batshit crazies versus the mildly delusional.

Boy was I wrong.

The batshit crazies attended his rallies. They carried large hand-made “Q” signs painted in red, white and blue stars. They dressed in “Q” tee shirts and when they were interviewed by the media you knew they were certifiable.

The bat-shit crazies attended his hot summer rallies—like Dead Heads or Parrot Heads—and were willing to drive 500 miles to see their messiah live on a stage.

But then I learned that the Trump advance team combed through the audiences before his arrival on stage, telling his fans, “Please hide their Q signs. Please put those signs back in your pick-ups. We don’t want the TV audience to know that we’re all “Qs.” Please reverse your “Q” tee shirts. Wear them inside-out. The President wants us to disguise who we are.”

Isn’t it funny that Trump wants QAnon support but doesn’t want their visible presence at his rallies.

Sounds pretty deceptive.

Sound pretty Trumpian

Then it hit me, smack in my noggin,

“All Trumpers are QAnon.”

And the reverse is also true.

All QAnons are Trumpers.

There ain’t no division line.

Most Trump supporters wear their tee shirts inside out.

Like Kluxers they don’t carry their membership cards in their wallets.

Like Germans that supported Hitler but never joined the party.

Like racists that smile into Black faces, while their white-hooded, dry-cleaned robes hide in the back of their bedroom closets.

Like parrots or the walking dead they have memorized their lines well.

Like they heard them over and over again on Fox News:

There was no insurrection;

Trump is still the President;

Biden stole the election;

Wait until the recount reverses Arizona;

Trump will be back in the Whitehouse in August;

The Insurrectionists were tourists;

The provocateurs were Antifa;

The “Big Lie” is liberal, socialist propaganda only fit for CNN or MSNBC;

Trump was, is and will be again our President. Just you wait and see;

He was our best President.

So if any of your acquaintances say any of the above lines.

Do you know what they are?

They’re Trump-supporting members of QAnon.

Maybe they don’t pay “Q” dues or maybe they don’t visit the “Q” website on a daily basis or maybe they don’t own a “Q” tee shirt but if they parrot or say any of the above lines they’re members of QAnon.

And now that you know it,

to think otherwise would be a big lie.

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