Alex Rose
Alex Rose

Allies and Democracy Under Fire: United States and Israel

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.” [Winston Churchill]

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office”. [Aesop]

This essay relates to the United States and Israel, both of whom sadly, suffer from dysfunctional democracy at this time. A report by Dov Fischer which appeared in American-Thinker of Oct. 11, 2012 is as relevant as prevailing conditions. It is entitled, “Jews and American Conservatism” and commences with a reminder that in the previous year, an extraordinary event had occurred. Voters in the Queens-Brooklyn 9th Congressional District of New York elected Bob Turner, a solid Republican conservative to the seat abandoned by disgraced Anthony Wiener.

As Fischer points out, it marked a watershed moment in American Jewish history, as “Orthodox Jews finally flexed some muscle alongside Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union.” The given seat had been in the hands of the Democrats since 1923! Upon reflection, Jewish voters had been liberal Democrats as long, if not longer.

Against all logic, Democrats know they can rely on the Jewish vote. This despite the fact that Republicans have consistently not opposed Israel’s declaration on Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, her refusal to capitulate to terrorists, her claims to sovereignty over liberated Judea and Samaria and settlement thereof. Apparently, “Republicans were not identified with giving Jews a break, while Democrats did open some doors. Woodrow Wilson named Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court, the 1st Jewish jurist ever so named. Franklin Roosevelt included Jews in his  cabinet, albeit of what Dennis Prager termed of the ‘Non-Jewish non-American Jew variety.’ Henry Morgenthau was an exception.” Many books have been published featuring the majority uncaring American Jews in confronting the Holocaust.

“Once liberalism had set in among American Jews, they naively passed it down to their children. So, it is about process and the quirks of the voting system; voting for the party that your grandparents and parents backed.” In earlier times, the Republican  Party was somewhat selective. Thus, we find a rock-solid conservative, “such as Orthodox Jewish NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind who had represented the Orthodox Jewish district in Brooklyn for 30 years since 1983, still doing so within the Democrat Party”. His rationale was simply because he doubted acceptance by the Republicans.”

“By 2010, Obama had become transformational, opening new vistas for Republicans. Thus, it can be said that the Republican Party owes a great deal to Jimmy Carter, George McGovern and Barak Obama. In time, it slowly reached the Jewish electorate and today, we find America’s most prominent conservative voices like Mark Levin as well as mainstream conservative thinkers like Jeff Jacoby, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Charles Krauthammer [recently deceased,] Rabbis Daniel Lapin and, Aryeh Spero, Norman Podhoretz, Milton Friedman, Ben Shapiro, Steven Plaut to mention a few. Major Jewish support for Republican conservative candidates has been coming from a geometrically expanding base of donors best typified by Nevada casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. But this has proved to be short-lived.”

“What has evolved, from centuries of irrational hatred, has eventually bred in many Jews irrational responses.” Not least of all, assimilation. “At the head of almost every anti-Israel organization in the world, we find Jews. Commencing from Breira in the 1970s, punctuated by the strangest Jews in academia, whether Noam Chomsky, the linguist or Norman Finkelstein, the child of Holocaust Survivors or George Soros funding of J Street” whose head is the son of a notable Irgun fighter or Bernie Sanders, the ever-present socialist or Obama, the Democrat Party is now the home for radical Leftist extremists. Even the meek and mild President Joe Biden is attempting to show that he can outclass Obama, at times, behaves like a dictator.

Yet another American-Thinker correspondent, Allen Bergstein, on May 26, 2019 wrote “Jews, the Democrats and Survival.” In his verbiage, ” Jews are a hard people to figure out. They are, undoubtedly, the brightest minority on the face of the earth.” With this, their support for Democratic candidates who are outright Jew-haters is inexplicable. Barely 75 years after the end of the Holocaust, in which nearly one-half of the world’s Jewry was slaughtered, Jews appear to have no interest in finding ways to prevent such a cataclysm from reoccurring. Consider the following:

[1] They mostly voted Barack Obama, who was a solid 20+ year member of the Jew-hating United Trinity Church of Christ in Chicago run by Jeremiah Wright, who never hid his Jew-hating during his weekly sermons while the Obama family sat in the front row.  [ABC  News 7 May, 2008 by Brian Ross and Rehab El-Buri on 7 May 2008 ]

[2] The Obamas were married by and had their children christened by Wright. Barack worshiped him, going so far as to claim Wright was like his uncle. [ ABC News  by Brian Ross and Rehab  El-Buri on 7 May, 2008].

[3] Wright served on Obama’s 2008 election team, and also had Louis Farrakhan preach at his church.  He honored this Jew-hater with that house of G-d ‘s “Man of the Century” award.  [ [Arutz 7 “Jewish Political Intelligence is an Oxymoran” by Alan Bergstein]

And Obama knew nothing of this? Jews voted for him in the 75% range on both of his presidential wins.  Surely they were not that ignorant to know of Obama’s views regarding his choice of church and pastor?

In 2019, Democrat Jews held 8 seats in the Senate and 32 in the House, enough to have formed a Jewish Congressional Caucus as did the blacks and Hispanics  to fight for their respective causes, but did not. Names which come to mind are Schumer, Feinstein, Nadler, Schiff, Deutch, and Wasserman-Schultz. It would seem that they lived in fear of being accused of being disloyal to the US. For how else can one explain their not voicing concern over Obama’s shameful treatment of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Nor his actions to “create daylight between America and Israel.” Nor his engagement in the Iranian nuclear deal, handing over billions to that Israel-hating regime. Nor his support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Muhammad Morsi, when president of Egypt? Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel and Professor Alan Dershowitz, both Democrats, did on certain occasions. Bernie Sanders called Israel “racist.” [ Allen Bergstein]

Michael Oren’s “Ally” is most helpful in an understanding of both Presidents Obama and Biden. Oren does an excellent job of cataloguing Obama’s disastrous policies, from his Cairo speech to the concessions he has made to Iran, In particular, he demonstrates how Obama’s Muslim roots inflame his Mideast Policy. A few extracts:

“Perhaps, too, Obama’s rejection by not one but two Muslim father figures informed his outreach to Islam.” [P98)

Unlike the White House, which is accessible to a range of Israeli officials, the Hill is the Ambassador’s exclusive domain.” [Ibid, 84]

Following “Ally”, Oren moved beyond generalizes by focusing on major criticisms of Obama. FP published his “How Obama Opened his Heart to the Muslim World” on June 19, 2015.

“Throughout the presidential campaign, he repeatedly referred to his Muslim family members, his earlier ties to Indonesia and the Muslim villages of Kenya, and his Arabic first and middle names. Surveys taken shortly after his election indicated that nearly a quarter of Americans thought their president was a Muslim.”

“Days after Jihad gunmen slaughtered 11 staffers of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, and a policeman on January 7, hundreds of thousands of French people marched in solidarity against Islamic radicalism. Forty-four world leaders joined them, but not President Barack Obama. Neither did his attorney general at the time, Eric Holder or Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, both of whom were in Paris that day. Other terrorists went on to murder four French Jews in a kosher market that they deliberately targeted. Yet Obama described the killers as “vicious zealots who—randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli.” His calumnious speaks for itself.

“Throughout the presidential campaign, he repeatedly referred to his Muslim family members, his earlier ties to Indonesia and the Muslim villages of Kenya, and his Arabic first and middle names. Surveys taken shortly after his election indicated that nearly a quarter of Americans thought their president was a Muslim” [Oren]

“Right after entering office in June 2009, he devoted months to studying the new president, poring over his speeches, interviews, press releases, and memoirs, and meeting with many of his friends and supporters. The purpose of this self-taught course — Obama 101, he called it — was to get to the point where the president could no longer surprise him. And over the next four years he rarely was, especially on Muslim and Middle Eastern issues.

On August 25, 2020, Dennis Prager penned, “A Demagogue Named Barak Obama: His DNC Speech” in Real Clear Politics. Prager, as always never disappoints. He poses the right questions and provides the right answers. He commences by stating that while he did not vote for Obama, his initial feelings were one of joy at having a black president who would have the potential for putting to rest the notion of a racist America and ” help black-white relations get even better.” But in time, this did not happen. Consider what did occur. “In large measure due to Obama, race relations deteriorated during his presidency.”

Obama is idolized by liberals and leftists because he was an activist liberal whose goal, in his own words, right before he was first elected, was “fundamentally transforming the United States of America. So much so, that he hosted the hate filled Al Sharpton on at the White House no less than on 72 occasions! In his own words, right before he was first elected, were to “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” This is highly suggestive of socialism. Thus, he became the father of the disease that has infected America today alongside the pandemic.

His ad hominine attacks by a previous president on his successor are unique in Prager’s lifetime. This certainly did not happen in the case of George W. Bush and may never have taken place. Obama: “And the consequences of that failure are severe. 170,000 Americans dead. Millions of jobs gone.” A ludicrous statement that he did not and could not back up. What he could claim is that he is the father of the present day’s ill founded revolution. An inversion  of America’s hard one battle against the Soviet. A lengthy report in the Washington Post of 16 September, 2020 entitled, “Trump did listen to experts on the pandemic by Marc. A. Thiesen details precisely how and what occurred. It cannot be challenged.

Prager: Regarding “millions of jobs gone,” they are gone overwhelmingly because of the lockdowns ordered by state governors and mayors, not the virus. Lockdowns, we were told, would last two weeks to “flatten the curve,” but they continue six months later in many Democratically controlled cities and states.

Dennis Prager was able to literally dispute every statement made by Barak Hussein Obama. However his summing up serves the purpose. “Obama’s speech offered very little of substance about the man it was directed against, but it said much about the man who delivered it.”

Two Jews, in particular, played a major role in Biden’s success; the Marxist, Bernie Sanders and the Hedge Fund master, George Soros. Dennis Prager through National Review: Bernie Sanders, the non-Jewish Jew and non-American American was published on June 7, 2016. Cut of from his own roots, Sanders wants others to be alienated too.

In Sanders’s speeches and interviews, there is virtually no mention of his being a Jew (unless asked about it). Rather surprising  for an American presidential candidate — there are few mentions of America, except to lament American inequality, Wall Street corruption, and other American evils. Bernie Sanders is a milder version among radical non-Jewish Jews.” People with no national or religious roots who become politically active frequently seek to undermine the national and religious identities of others, especially those in their own national and religious group. The radical non-Jewish Jew and the radical non-American American love humanity, but they hurt real humans, especially Jews and Americans.”

The Dennis Prager Show featured “George Soros and the problem of the radical non-Jewish Jew on February 27, 2007. Soros who became a radical world citizen is alienated from America and from his Jewish origins, and damages both. Writing in The Wall Street Journal, author Joshua Muravchik reported that Soros has publicly likened Israel to the Nazis.

“Of course, Soros supports Palestinian nationalism, but that is a consistent feature of radicals — anti-Jewish and anti-American nationalisms are good, Jewish and American nationalisms are bad. Thus, as reported in the Jerusalem Post, ‘Soros and his wealthy Jewish American friends have now decided to aim their fire directly at Israel . . . to form a political lobby that will weaken the influence of the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC.'”

As for Biden, returning to Ally on Page 273, we read, “—-Others accused Israel of negligently exposing to Iran the codes for secret US-Israeli cyber attacks. ‘Sonofabitch,’ Times reporter David Sanger quoted Vice President Biden exclaiming, “It’s got to be the Israelis. They went too far.” And on Page 58, “Vice President Joe Biden had just told the organization [AIPAC], “you’re not going to like my saying this, but do not build more settlements ,”chafing some of his listeners.” Hence we know what Israel can expect on his watch, a return to the two-state [non] solution, “settlements” and “occupation.”

If we now revert to Israel’s major problem, at this time in not being able to reach an acceptable conclusion in yet another election, because of the Knesset members and senior government officials not considering the much neglected electoral reform.

Professor Daniel J. Elazar (1934-1999) was a leading political scientist and specialist in the study of federalism, political culture, the Jewish political tradition, Israel and the world Jewish community. As founder and President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, he headed the major independent Jewish “think tank” concerned with analyzing and solving the key problems facing Israel and world Jewry.

In the years  1987 and 1988 , he produced 2 papers on “Electoral Reform for Israel”. As an introduction, he informs us of the urgent need for electoral reform of Israel’s parliamentary system that is widely, if not universally, recognized. “But electoral reform can be enacted only by a Knesset made up of parties and individuals whose political life may be threatened by that reform. Political suicide has never been popular — certainly not in Israel.

There is only one way to bring about electoral reform in Israel — by a democratic ‘citizens revolt’ in the form of a massive campaign of public mobilization. ” What is needed is a half million to a million signatures on a petition that would demand a change in the electoral system. This should be presented to the Knesset by 50,000 citizens marching in Jerusalem. That is the only way to effect a break-down of the present resistance to electoral reform on the part of the powers that be.” Key points:

[a] “Voters will be able to vote for individual candidates or for a straight party ticket.”

[b] Eliminating ”  the increasing sense of political alienation that envelops many Israelis.” In other words, citizens would no longer feel disenfranchised.

[c] Eliminating difficulties in forming governments as presently.

Footnote bios:

[1] Rabbi Dov Fischer, Law Professor and senior contributing editor at The American Spectator and an Israel Hayom corresponent.

[2] Allen Bergstein, a retired NYC School Princial, Korean War Veteran and Op-Ed contibutor to Israel National News [Arutz 7].

[3] Dennis Prager, author of “Why the Jews? The Reason for Antisemitism” and “Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism”.

[4] Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambaasador to the US during Obama’s Presidncy, author of “Power, Faith and Fantacy; America in the Middle East 1776- Present” and “Ally”.

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Alex Rose was born in South Africa in 1935 and lived there until departing for the US in 1977 where he spent 26 years. He is an engineering consultant. For 18 years he was employed by Westinghouse until age 60 whereupon he became self-employed. He was also formerly on the Executive of Americans for a Safe Israel and a founding member of CAMERA, New York (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America and today one of the largest media monitoring organizations concerned with accuracy and balanced reporting on Israel). In 2003 he and his wife made Aliyah to Israel and presently reside in Ashkelon.