Am I naïve?

Yesterday, whilst sitting quietly and patiently in Bituach Leumi waiting to see the clerk, I heard screaming, cursing, and violent verbal abuse.

A Russian couple, were cursing this poor clerk, calling this country terrible names, shouting  at her, and then shouting at each other.  It was disgraceful.

I am sure that had they been back in Russia, they would not have dared to behave like this.

Do they not realize that they should be grateful to Israel for giving them the privilege of living here… and it is a privilege, and not scream and shout? They receive good health care, social benefits etc.  All at a very low cost to them, and all he could do was curse, and then curse some more and bad mouth Israel.

I would love to have intervened, but I have a healthy regard for my wellbeing, and was honestly scared that this awful man would take out a knife, or a gun, and attack me.  So much for my bravery.

Which brings me to my next peeve. Would someone please explain to me in simple words, why the opposition would vote against a bill which has passed for the last 55 years, and which is in the interest of their electorate just to change the make-up of the coalition and get into power irrespective of whether this is good for the country. Surely, the bottom line of all our elected officials should be the good of the country, or am I being naïve in my old age.

The average Israeli, who struggles to make a living, who proudly sends their children to serve deserve better governance.


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Made aliya in 1960, worked in the English department of Kol Israel, dealt in tourism for 30 years, brought up a family. Generally a "normal" life here in this challenging country.
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