Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


“We should not go into Rafah because then Gazans will really hate us.”

“We should give the Palestinians a state because it won’t necessarily encourage terrorism, and because we can’t go on living in strife with our neighbours who are also entitled to land.”

These are opinions that I have read. It’s hard to believe that even after October 7. people, including some Jews, are of this opinion.

Let’s think about their argument. “If we go into Rafah, then the Gazans will be really upset, and there will be no one to make peace with anymore.”

Really? You want to take another chance that, G-d forbid, another October 7 should happen.

“Well, it won’t necessarily happen.” I kid you not. The writer of the article really wrote in that vein, that “It might not necessarily happen.”

So let me ask this writer. What are the chances? After October 7, sure it might not necessarily happen again if you give the Palestinians a state. But what are the chances that it might happen again, G-d forbid. Don’t you think that the chances are pretty good?

I have a suggestion for this writer. Maybe to think about another approach. Maybe to think about the strong antisemitism that we are witnessing worldwide, and to take the approach that we should not give away any land; that when Arabs hear Israel declare that no land will be given away, that this can greatly discourage terrorism (because a would-be terrorist sees that there is nothing to gain).

Perhaps, Mr. Writer, you might consider that, instead of being extra nice and turning the other cheek, Israel should march into Rafah and destroy Hamas. And Israel should stay in Gaza, repopulate it with Jewish settlements, and let the would-be terrorists know that their hate and terror will not he tolerated.

It takes two G-d fearing ministers, who wear coverings on their heads to show that they fear G-d Who is above us and Who is everywhere in everything. It takes two G-d fearing ministers, Smotrich and Ben-Gvir, to state clearly, for all to hear, that we, the Jewish people, fear and obey only G-d. And in G-d’s Torah, it says clearly, that if outsiders approach the border to just get some straw, we must mobilize even on Shabbat, because if we let them in, then it may open the land before them.

Talk about accurate predictions and assessments. October 7 proved, clearly, that when you give away land to an enemy, it can open the entire land before them.

No, it does not make sense, (even according to straightforward simple intellect), to avoid marching into Rafah to destroy Hamas. Just ask America how they have dealt with their enemies from World War Two right up to 9/11 and later. Turn the other cheek? Only Israel is expected to do that.

No, Mr. Writer. Sorry. Been there done that. And if the fear of G-d doesn’t move you, perhaps common sense might.

Things are now very clear. Two G-d fearing ministers now insist that we must do what G-d wants us to do. And that will open wide channels to receive His blessing for peace and prosperity for Jews and Arabs and the entire world.

Victory is at hand. Redemption with Moshiach seems very close. May it happen soon.

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