America leaves the field and a new alliance moves into action

The recent takeover of Yemen by Caliphate forces has pushed the Saudis into military action to defend their territory as Iran-backed forces continue to influence the constant turmoil. As ideological opponents of Tehran the Saudis and the Gulf States are threatened as Iran expands its support and supply to forces in the region’s rapidly spreading civil wars and dissolutions. The withdrawal of the United States, including the panicked evacuation of US forces and Embassy personnel from Yemen spread the message of a nation in retreat. The clear impression that the Obama Administration is moving to let Iran become the region’s dominate power has sent shock waves near and far. The Ayatollahs are only too happy to oblige to fulfill the mission of being the dominate power as a once great United States has a “going out of business sale”.

The recent air actions by the Saudis and the Arab Summit of 22 Gulf and regional States has moved dramatically ahead into a force of direct action against the Caliphate forces (Iraq/Syria and Tehran) that has left the United States in the dust. The confusing strategy, if it can be called that, of opposing Tehran in one field and negotiating with it in another leaves most in high places confused and distrustful. The power vacuum in the Middle East is being filled almost overnight by nations in peril from a nuclear Mahdist ideology. Sadly the Middle East is learning not to rely on the United States for any real support. As the White House tries to shift its previous historic responsibilities in an “outsource foreign policy” turnabout, new alliances will continue to form.

The overwhelming opinion from many sources that the deal predicted to be announced on Tuesday will be a Pyrrhic victory for the White House: a deal. Iran has run circles around the negotiators and its reputation for keeping agreements is totally negative. According to latest leaks they will keep their centrifuges. They have also never fully complied with inspections and most of their facilities are now in underground fortified areas. The White House’s puzzling and seemingly incoherent agenda is still a mystery. The Administration’s chief negotiator other than John Kerry is an MIT professor, Dr. Ernest Moniz . His reputation as a physicist is credible his experience in dealing with a Muslim theocracy such as Tehran is negligible. Like Dr. Jonathan Gruber whose wholesale hawking of the Obama Care program disclosed the condescending attitude towards the American public, the Obama Administration’s preference for Ivy League advisors with elitist attitudes is a sign of the serious isolation in the Oval Office to experience and real world knowledge.

The recent Arab summit meeting firmed up a growing active coalition of threatened states against Iran power-grabbing. Saudi Arabia under King Salman has asserted itself as a dominant force to oppose its Shiite competitor, Tehran. The plans to commit ground forces in large numbers in Yemen are a serious escalation of the Iraq/Syria war and Iran’s expansionist plans. Saudi expressions of a desire to acquire or develop nuclear weapons are a drastic expansion of the predicted nuclear arms race in the region as well. If anyone can afford a nuclear weapons system, it is the Saudis.

The desertion of the United States from the battlefield under combat conditions is a serious blow to regional stability. It also sends an unmistakable message in bold print to Communist China and North Korea and a resurgent and powerful Russia. The United States is in full retreat, winner take all. The coming conflict in the US Congress over what is legitimately a treaty with a foreign power will be a test of the United States Constitution as the Congress which is charged to advise and consent on treaties and pass all laws decides to act. The Executive Branch cannot act unilaterally by executive order to approve   a treaty. The Congress has not been asked to advise and will most likely not consent. Much hangs in the balance over the next two days. But the real battle will be in the Senate and House of Representatives as they decide to assert their role as the Government of the United States, the world will be watching you can count on that.

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