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American Democrats have always been tribalists

Meriam-Websters defines Tribalism as:

1: tribal consciousness and loyalty

especially : exaltation of the tribe above other groups

2: strong in-group loyalty

Tribalism was at the heart of the newly formed Democratic party who believed white Democrats were superior to everyone else, with blacks being at the bottom of those lesser humans. There was no shortage of people in power using the newspapers to build on their sense of superiority and to fight against anyone who they believed threatened their tribe.

Andrew Jackson was the first Democrat to become president of the United States, a party he was instrumental in forming as one of its founders. Jackson, unlike his predecessors, did not submit anything policy related to Congress and used the veto pen to set his own policy. He sought to abolish the Electoral College without success, since he could not get the Constitution amended in his favor. It was Jackson who gave the order that resulted in the Trail of Tears, which should have resulted in impeachment.

Martin Van Buren was the second Democrat to become President, who was another founder of the Democratic party and Jackson’s Vice President. It was under his Presidency that the Amistad Incident took place. The Portuguese slave ship, Amistad, was overrun by African slaves being held as cargo and the schooner was brought to New York. The ship was taken by American naval officers and slaves placed back in chains, where they faced state charges in Connecticut. When it became clear that the trial that followed was not going to go the way Van Buren wanted, he overstepped his authority and ordered federal charges be brought, which ended up going before the Supreme Court with a verdict not favorable to Van Buren. Getting directly involved in the case should have removed him from office.

Other Democrats were elected prior to 1860 who had more that questionable actions who put tribe over the American people. That was the year Southern Democrats held back their nominee to ensure a split with Northern Democrats, which gave the victory to the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln. The war started by states in rebellion, not states who wanted to leave peaceably through the courts, was not a war for states rights over federal, but a war to end Jeffersonian Democracy and bring an end to the United States.

The Republicans were the party of emancipation and Lincoln fought with everything at his disposal to ensure emancipation would not end. He fought and managed to get passed three anti-slavery Amendments to the Constitution, all aimed at bringing an end to what Democrats in North and South wanted to continue. The lines between North and South were not as clear as is believed with no shortage of sympathizers on both sides of the lines.

Rather than accept the rebellion had been lost, several high-ranking Democrats, including Nathan Bedford Forest, former General for the rebellion and founder of the Klan, wanted to keep fighting. They turned to guerilla warfare to stop Reconstruction without success, but plenty of innocent people tortured and hanged. The support for the Klan was rather strong throughout the South, but gained almost no traction in the North.

In 1876, rather than split the ticket, the Democrats tried to steal the Presidential election. It was a last-ditch effort to stop Reconstruction. Democrats were threatening to take over federal institutions by force if their candidate, Samuel Tilden, was not sworn in over the Republican, Rutherford Hayes. Republican members of Congress agreed to a compromise with the Democrats called the Compromise of 1877, where federal troops were pulled to bring an end to Reconstruction.

The first time a Democrat referred to himself as progressive who held the office of the Presidency, was Woodrow Wilson, who was the closest to a dictator the United States has ever experienced. He was a eugenicist who fired almost every nonwhite person working for the federal government and segregated the military. He hated Jews, blacks, Germans and everyone else who failed to meet his standard of civilized man. He had political prisoners, including members of the press who refused to report the way he wanted them.

By 1910, the Klan was dying out. Membership had dwindled too practically nothing. Younger generations had no interest in being a part of the Klan, since it was viewed by most as something that looked back rather than forward. As a last-ditch effort in 1915, the Klan invested in a movie called The Birth of a Nation, in hopes that interest in the Klan could be rekindled. Wilson watched it from the White House and praised what he saw, which brought about a rebirth in a vile organization that continues to this day, no matter how fractured it has become.

Wilson’s propaganda against German Americans was so effective at turning the country against anything German related, including the killing of American ministers who spoke German, that Hitler used the same propaganda to turn Germans against the Jews.

Margaret Sanger was one of the more influential eugenicists who fought for and got passed in California, forced sterilization bills. The Nazis referred to the writing of their laws as the California Plan, since they wanted legitimacy for every legal action they took. Sanger, much like the other eugenicists of her day, including Wilson, was a progressive racist.

The next Democrat to get elected was Franklin Roosevelt, who continued all the policies Wilson had put in place, including the segregation of the military, even after America entered the war. Despite the spin about Roosevelt and his views on Jews, his silence on the Wagner-Rogers Bill of 1939 speaks volumes for how he and other progressives viewed the Jews. It would have brought over 20,000 Jewish children of German origin, which may very well have saved the life of Anne Frank, but said nothing and let the Bill die.

Any movement in favor of equality for all Americans under Roosevelt did not happen as a result of the President, but First Lady. She was the one working behind the scenes and as publicly as she could to end what her husband would not. No matter how proved in battle on ground, at sea or air, black soldiers, sailors and airmen were, Roosevelt would not end the eugenicist policies and bring an end to segregation.

Harry Truman was sworn in as President after Roosevelt’s death. He was the one who started to pave the way, in spite of his own party and inherited Cabinet that threatened to walk out on him. One of the most unfavorable things he did was to welcome Israel to the world of nations, something no other Democrat of his day would under any circumstances. The hatred of blacks and Jews was too great to overcome from within his own party. Despite the threats of the Cabinet, Truman chose the least politically attractive actions when he all but came out and declared himself a Republican without ever officially switching parties.

The tribalism the Democratic party was built upon remains to this day. The faces and causes may have changed, but remains tribe over everything, including Americans. Any progressive who gets out of line, no matter how ant-Semitic the party becomes, is attacked. Former Vice-Presidential candidate and longtime Jewish Democrat, Joseph Lieberman, was forced out of the party and continued to vote mostly Democrat as he always had.

Progressives claim to support democracy, but hate it with a passion. It is the democracies that are attacked, including Israel, not the tyrannies who brutalize most the world. When former President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry gave 1.6 billion US dollars to Iran, progressives had no problem with the illegal funding of a terrorist nation who used much of the money to carry out attacks across the world where Americans did die.

Those who call themselves progressive today are no different than the Democrats who formed the party to foment tribalism. The policies of race warfare against Americans have taken many forms, but it remains warfare against Americans. Under its current guise, it is minorities against everyone, but only specific minorities. Jews and anyone of Asian decent are not included, which is the reason so many progressives came out in favor of Hamas and demonized Israel and Jews from progressive enclaves throughout the country.

It was the progressives of their day who brought about the Trail of Tears, the Amistad incident, declared war on the United States when they fired the first shots of the Civil War. It was the progressives who tried to steal an election leading to the Compromise of 1877 to bring an end to Reconstruction, the birth and rebirth of the Klan. They were the eugenicists who fought for forced sterilization and segregation. They were the Dixiecrats who tried to repeat history by voting for Strom Thurmond over Harry Truman without a single Dixiecrat state voting for Eisenhower four years later. It was the progressive using fire hoses against black protestors in front of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Tribalism led to every action taken by Democrats, no matter the name they give themselves. The party that claims to be the big tent does not allow for anyone to speak out against anything that they view as an assault on their tribe. Assaults on Jews, both verbal and physical, have come overwhelmingly from progressive strongholds. Universities and the major cities are all progressive, which is where the most viscous attacks on Jews can be found.

Without tribalism, the Democrat party has nothing to offer. Their entire history is based on pitting Americans against themselves. It does not matter who the target is, be it black or Germans or Jews or Asians, etc., just as long as there are American targets. Tribalism does not allow for anything else other than divisiveness and anger.

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Bob Ryan is a novelist of the future via science-fiction, dystopian or a combination of the two, and blogger of the past with some present added in on occasion. He believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past, since human nature is an unchanging force. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. He is a Christian Zionist who knows God is calling His chosen home as foretold in prophecy.
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