Henry Wilson

American Eagle & Israel

The American eagle and our essential allies are in a civilizational war with the treacherous snake of totalitarianism. Though this statist serpent uses the venom of their Jihadist vassals to poison otherwise pluralistic, democratic societies, in the west, we must not forget that the head of this beast is communist China.

A central symptom of the infection is not only the polarization that has gripped our body politic or the fentanyl killing our people; moreover, it is our propagandistic university system that only serves to educate on the formulation of double standards.

Despite the fact that Israel has served as the homeland of Jewish people for three-and-a-half millennia, the self-proclaimed intellectuals of academia insist upon holding steadfast to their natives and colonists narrative. They are so obsessed with their “oppressed and oppressors” theme that they fail to see that the Goliath of this story is the menace of Islamic fascism and the David is, and always has been, the heroic survival of the Jewish people and their homeland.

Academia, western institutions, and the useful idiots of my generation protesting on behalf of the Palestinians have been so caught up in the rapture of communist China’s propaganda that they fail to speak up on behalf of Uyghur Muslims, an ethnic minority who are falsely accused of terrorism and an actual victim of a state-sponsored genocide akin to Apartheid. Instead, the western neo-Marxists focus their ire upon defending a murderous extremist group, Hamas, who was voted into power by the largely anti-Semitic Palestinian population who celebrated following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

America’s & Israel’s solutions: a year-long moratorium on immigration, revoking citizenship for all pro-Hamas protesters in western countries, withdrawing funding from Confucius Institutes, sanctioning the companies that manufacture the components of fentanyl, and continuing to fund the war against our enemies in the East. If we do not understand these double standards, we risk ignoring victims of repression and promoting perpetrators of true evil. We must call out intellectual dishonesty when we see it, and promote the truth at all costs.

About the Author
A political communications professional based in Washington, D.C. Henry Wilson is a proud American Jew & proponent of immediate mobilization against the forces of evil.