An Anomaly

I am going out on a theological limb here, but there is just too much evidence to deny the possibility that all that is happening recently, in Paris, in Mali, and even in the United States, might be a sign of something far more ethereal than most pundits are contemplating.

Just follow me a bit here and call me crazy if you want too, but I believe that the G-d of Israel is punishing the world for thousands of years of rampant and vicious anti-Semitism. Okay, why? Only seventy short years ago, the Second World War ended with the glaring evidence of the mass slaughter of two-thirds of the Jews of Europe-figures quoted from Allied and Jewish sources put the figure at six million, including one and one-half million children. The number seventy is extremely important because it was in that year, 70CE, that the Romans destroyed the Temple of Solomon (rebuilt by Herod) and slaughtered, what some historians tell us, over one million Jews.

Isn’t it ironic that millions of Moslems are pouring into Europe, a continent floating on a two thousand year old sea of Jewish blood, and they are wreaking havoc and horrific terror in every European nation they enter? Is it so strange to believe that the G-d of Israel is executing His justice on the nations that stood by while His people were being led to the gas chambers and the crematoria? Even, it seems, America has not been excused for its total indifference to the cries of our people begging for asylum.

Historians of note have always derided the Jewish people’s survival as an anomaly of historical theories. Arnold Toynbee called us “fossils’, Oswald Spengler ignored us and decried us as “defenders of circumcision and pigless diet.” Ancient civilizations, far larger in area and greater in numbers, who challenged us in their times, have disappeared and we, an infinitesimal amount of human beings, not only have survived, but thrived.

There has to something more than natural  accidents of history involved. Oh sure, religious men and women will point to the Torah and our generations of maintaining our faith that has kept us alive. There are some who say that our very persecution and isolation, kept us together as a unified nation even though we were ensconced in different cultures throughout the world for centuries.

Perhaps they all have a valid point to make. They all have their own theories and proof to back them up, But no nation, EVER in history, has accomplished what we, the Jewish people have done. We renewed our sovereignty in our ancient homeland after being divorced from  governing it for twenty centuries. We gave new meanings and words to an ancient language, long thought irrelevant to modern discourse-something even others, like the Irish, have failed to do with Gaelic. We have outlived every nation that has raised its hoary hand against us and NEVER have we ceased being Jews.

Sure, there has been constant strife here, in our blessed Israel. Wars, terrorism and civil strife-but we are home. G-d has always tested us, from the days of Avraham to the present. G-d has used us to show the nations how evil they have become-isn’t there an old saying that it always starts with the Jews but never ends with the Jews? Interestingly enough, civilizations that have treated the Jewish people decently have succeeded while those who persecuted us have disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Perhaps we are being prepared for a new age and the old order in the world is being punished and we, as a people, are being challenged in our faith and in our determination to remain the people that received the Law at Sinai.

The last great Jewish war against the Romans was the Bar Kochba Rebellion that lasted from 132CE to 135CE. That war almost bankrupted the mighty Roman Empire and during that war, the people of Jerusalem even began to rebuild the Temple. The Roman emperor, ¬†Hadrian, was so frightened of the power of the Jews that he had the entire city sown with salt so that nothing would ever grow there. He renamed Jerusalem “Aelia Capitolina” and, even though the coins he struck to celebrate his victory were emblazoned with the words, in Latin. “Iudea Capta,” “Judea is Defeated”, he renamed the country, “Syria Palestina” in an attempt to remove all Jewish traces from the land.

Now, if one subtracts 135 from 2015 one gets 1880. If you add 67, the number of years of our independence, you get. 1947-the year that the international community, through the United Nations, gave universal recognition of the Jewish people’s right to the land of Israel. Who knows, after all, didn’t G-d invent arithmetic?

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.