Eternity in the Balance

‘IDF hits back at Gaza after early morning rocket fire.’                               Times of Israel: October 28, 2013.                                        ‘Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired at Ashkelon from Gaza.’                                 Times of Israel: October 28, 2013.                                         ‘Palestinians make stiff land demands on peace deal.’                                                     Times of Israel: October 27, 2013.


And so the dance continues. The gulf between Israelis and Palestinians in their presumed quest for peaceful coexistence appears just as unbridgeable as ever. With the passage of time now approaching that of nearly seven decades, fundamental aspects of this long engagement still manage to retain their own intractable nature, much as they’ve always done from the very start.


Even though techniques exist today that can easily delineate the surface of this planet right down to the smallest detail, the successful apportioning of that very same surface, as it relates to claims on both sides, has yet to see the faintest glimmer of light. Finalising matters in that regard must, it seems, remain a very distant prospect indeed.


The level of antagonism fostered by 65 years of continual conflict is such that no conventional agreement can ever hope to satisfy the aspirations and safety concerns of all those involved. Dangers inherent in final negotiations of any sort have always severely limited whatever outcome might be acceptable to each contender in this never-ending dispute.


Some form of settlement here must become the ultimate objective if any sense is to be made out of so much struggle, suffering and despair. To reach this now may require the application of a form of justice many might consider too rough and imprecise for such a delicate task. But rough justice will be far better than no justice at all. And, if it gets the job done, then surely that must give more than sufficient grounds for embarking on what would certainly be a most dramatic course of action.

This may not be the perfect solution but, if we are all prepared to wait around for that eventuality, then we do ourselves a great disservice, one not easily forgiven or forgotten by the next generation. Nor any thereafter.

Or, with eternity in the balance, do we just let the whole thing go hang and pretend it really is none of our business and we shouldn’t interfere?

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Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .