An Exciting Time for the Estate Silver Market

All over the world silver investors are rejoicing. On Friday the silver market reached a 22-month high on returns. This relates to many a cause and effect.

Firstly, as the markets adjust to the news of Brexit, the gold markets will be shooting higher. But silver has outperformed gold’s “Brexit-related” returns, and silver also benefits from Brexit.

Israel boasts great wealth in antique silver, as you can guess, silver and money bearing the same Hebrew word   כסף

Last month, a stash of silver coins buried more than 2,000 years ago was discovered in a rock crevice in Mod’in, near Tel Aviv. The Israeli Antiques Authority (IAA) dated them to 126 B.C. They were found in the remains of an ancient agricultural estate belonging to a Jewish family. There were shekels and half-shekels for each consecutive year 135 B.C. until 126 B.C.

The person who buried the cache was himself a coins collector. The 16 coins were stamped with the images of King Antiochus VII and his brother Demetrius II. Despite them being horded 2,000 years ago it was not for their collectability but for their face value. He was burying money in the estate in hopes that he would return to it, but sadly never did. The estate’s inhabitants had taken part in the rebellion against Rome in the year 66 B.C. Further inside the estate was uncovered a mikveh dating back to the late revolt of Bar Cochbva (circa 135 B.C.).

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