An Eye For An Eye

President Mahmoud Abbas, at the helm of the Palestinian Authority and through his Fatah movement, has officially declared war on Israel.

Mahmoud Abbas ravaged the last shards of peace while standing at the podium in front of the whole of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Declaring the Palestinian Authority no longer bound to the Oslo Accords.

The day after his perfidious speech at the General Assembly the Fatah movement, under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, carried out the intentional murder of Israeli citizens Naama and Eitam Henkin.

The speech given by the President of the Palestinian Authority was a carefully crafted green light for political murder, and it worked.

The Fatah movement followed up their butchery by running as quickly as possible (Fatah was not going to be upstaged by Hamas this time) to the media in order to claim responsibility for murdering two young parents, two innocent civilians whose only crime was being Jewish, in front of their children.

This is not just a savage crime committed against the Henkin family, leaving four children parentless, it is an act of war against the State of Israel and its citizenry!

This murderous message must be carved into the foreheads (a mark of cain) of the European Union, the United Nations and the United States.

It must be made clear to the afore mentioned groups that Israel no longer accepts the continuous and asinine statement, that we poor, stupid and ignorant Israelis just need to do more to understand that we need Mahmoud Abbas and his counterfeit mob.

No we will not accept this while the Palestinians make murdering Jews a political movement second only to the Nazis.

In the last fifteen years the Palestinian leadership first under Yassar Arafat, and now under Mahmoud Abbas, have rejected peace with Israel outright and have always opted for murdering Jews.

So too have the Palestinian people.

They have rejected a complete end to the conflict and they have rejected Palestinian Statehood on 97% of Judea and Samaria, all of The Gaza Strip and the Arab parts of East Jerusalem.

They have done this not once, but TWICE since the Clinton Parameters were laid down in the year 2000.  

What the Palestinians have not rejected is the same colonialist incitement created by Nazi Palestinian, Haj Amin al-Husseini.

The Palestinians have not rejected, but have in fact intensified, their colonialist political movement based on anti-Semitic hatred.

The deafening silence emanating from the Muqatah in Ramallah is resounding proof of this political movement of hatred towards anything Jew, especially Jewish freedom and emancipation represented by Israel.

If the Palestinians truly wanted Peace they would have immediately condemned the murder of the Eitam and Naama Henkin, but they did not.

The silence of the Palestinian leadership and Mahmoud Abbas is a crime almost as appalling as the intentional killing of two innocent, young parents in front of their children.

But after all, why condemn what you have endorsed.

It is time for Israel to move from the policies created under the Oslo Accords.

No more negotiations that were long ago perverted by the Palestinians.

It is time for Israel to return to its roots when dealing with the duplicitous Palestinian Authority.

It is time for Israel to use a theory given to us by the Tanach, an eye for an eye, and with this Mahmoud Abbas must learn that every sword has two sides.

If the Palestinians are no longer bound to uphold the Oslo Accords then neither is Israel.

With this new direction Israel must use ALL means necessary to create a political reality where the Palestinians accept, unconditionally the Jewish Nations historical and internationally legal rights to the state of Israel.

Then and only then will Israel accept a Palestinian state!

About the Author
Simon Fischler was born and raised in New York City. He underwent Heart Transplant surgery in 1993 in New York at the age of 15 and made Aliyah in 2001. Simon is happily married with three children.