An introduction to Bernie

Architecture and the Politics of Ideas

The world is at a critical moment. As an architect, I know that architecture by itself can not generate the many solutions that can offer without a politically supported global plan. Enlighted and moral leadership are badly needed.

The coming elections in Israel are a hot subject, as compared to the still far away American primaries.  However, the short documentary I just made may be enlightening to some people in Israel.

Bernie Sanders thinks like a statesman. His broad agenda fits not only America’s long list of needs but also a world starving for leadership and direction. Climate change, sustainability, inequality, the arms race are not just American issues; they are global. If approaching them creatively, the planet could be transformed positively beyond anything we can think of today. Architecture could then play a pivotal role.

About the Author
Rick / Reuven Meghiddo is an architect and a filmmaker of architecture documentaries. To date, he has produced over eighty architecture documentaries. Many can be seen in and As an architect, he practiced in Israel, California and Italy. Born in Argentina, Rick studied at the Technion and married Ruth Meghiddo, also an architect, in Jerusalem. He has a Master of Architecture from UCLA and a Dottore in Architettura from the University of Rome. He is also a LEED Accredited Professional and is licensed as an Architect and as a Real Estate Broker in California and Israel.