An Ode to My Son

My sweet little person I call baby
I write you this message with my heart bursting as I watch you
I sit beside you as you lay on your stomach
Trying to reach for that toy so close to you
You cry out in frustration
And I do not help you

Know this my sweet child:
There will be many times in your life
Where you will feel desperate
To reach what you want
Your arms grasping
And perhaps did not grasp what you reached for
Your goal Inches away you can feel it
And just as you are about to make contact and succeed
It falls through your fingers

My sweet little child
Know that
G-d is sitting there with you
As I am right now
And is cheering you on amidst your tears
As I am now
And rooting with His every fiber for you to win
As I am now
And will allow you to cry in frustration
As I am now
So you can stretch yourself and work harder than you ever thought you could
So that you may realize what you are really made up of
Because the more it hurts to reach out of your comfort
The more you will understand who you really are
You will see you are stronger than you ever thought possible
The harder the stretch
The greater you’ll reach
The more you will grasp
The better you’ll be
And I promise you
He will be cheering on
Your every little milestone that will ultimatly become magnificent accomplishments
As I am doing right now for you
Sitting beside you
My teary precious son

About the Author
Devorah L Marrus lives in Columbia, SC. She is the mother of 5 and helps co-direct the Chabad programming in her cities. She teaches women's classes and teaches in the Jewish preschool. Her passions include spearheading large events for the Jewish community and spreading love for the Jewish heritage.