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An open letter to all Haredim and Secular Jews.

I welcome with a heavy heart Haredi Judaism to our world of anti-Semitism, hate, intolerance, ethnocentric violence and all that is prescribed by those adherents having an aversion to everything Jewish.

Encouraged by the rhetoric of followers of the extreme right and left, where there exists an utter hatred of Jews, you have reluctantly joined us in obtaining a disease containing one obedience; to eradicate us by any means possible.

Your custom to segregate yourselves from modern Jewish society is not relevant to those who wish to hurt us, nor the country you live in. Simply put, you are a Jew, irrespective of your style of dress, what you eat, your loving devotion based on the Talmud, to Jewish law and jurisprudence, or as many of you believe, of being the most religiously authentic group of Jews.

Today, all Jews worldwide are undergoing an upsurge from the antisemites, the hate-mongers and tenured university bigots amongst others, who publicly vilify and delegitimize Jews.

We diaspora Jewry have, for the most part, become fearful of the political consequences now taking place in many countries, a trait in which has now also encircled your community.

I show no antipathy to your own personal lifestyle, as many of you may have to mine. Nor the fact that you may proscribe to the use of the Internet, thereby only reading my message through alternative means.

However, it has been said that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, known as “the Rebbe,” one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th century, opened the hearts of his followers to every Jew regardless of observance or affiliation.

With the physical attack on your community in Monsey, New York and in other locations worldwide, what better time is there than now than to show the detested antisemites, we, in the spirit of the Rebbe’s beliefs, are united in saying, “Enough! We Jews stand together in putting an end to all forms of antisemitism, of hate and intolerance.”

Make it so!

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Born, raised and educated in London, England, I worked for various newspapers in England prior to immigrating to Canada where I resumed my career in the newspaper and magazine field and established a communications company. Now in its 14th year of publication, I have a respected international internet news site, dealing with issues relating to intolerance, antisemitism/virulent Judeophobia, hate, ethnocentric violence, Islamophobia, conflict and terrorism. As a diplomat, I served as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Rwanda to Canada. After living in Amsterdam for several years, I returned to Toronto where I am working on my fourth book, a novel, set in France, which addresses cultural diversity issues that go beyond stereotypes in society. I am available for workshops, lectures, talks and readings throughout the year. To contact me go to
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