An Open Letter to Ambassador Dan Shapiro

Ambassador Shapiro, I don’t have to explain to you the magnitude of this weekend’s UN Security Council Resolution against Israel. One that President Obama refused to veto.

And I should not have to explain to you that the passing of this resolution so close to Chanukah, is the height of chutzpah, and only serves to throw salt on the wound. The holiday where we celebrate the liberation of Jerusalem and the Temple from our enemies, coincides with a resolution against our very presence in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, this Shabbat, while you knew what was going on at the UN, and you knew how much Israel was being hurt and isolated, you were celebrating your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. According to your Facebook page, you had a “Magical Shabbat”. For that I wish you a sincere Mazal Tov.

For your daughter this was a day to stand up and take her place among the adults of the Jewish people. I ask you Ambassador Dan Shapiro, when will you do the same? When will you declare “I AM A JEW!” and when will you place being a Jew before being an Obama follower?

2200 years ago this week, Mattityahu, the Kohen Gadol stood up and said “!מי לה’ אילי” Who is for God come to me!  Mattityahu used his position as the high priest and together with his sons led the fight against King Antiochus and the Greeks, the world powers at the time.

Several hundred years earlier Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai were in a unique position to stand up for the Jewish people against the Persian Empire, rulers of the world at the time. They did not just risk their careers; they risked their very lives to speak up for their people. And despite the fact that in the end Mordechai was elevated to the position of second in command to the King, the Megillah clearly records him as being “seeking peace for all his seed”. In other words, he put the Jewish people first.

More recently, in fact just 2 short months ago, Andrés Roemer Slomianski , Mexico’s Ambassador to UNESCO, risked his entire career rather than follow his government’s instructions and vote for a blatantly anti-Israel resolution.  The Ambassador faced the decision of opposing or staying loyal to the Am Yisrael. This modern day Mordechai chose Am Yisrael.

Now Ambassador Shapiro, it is your turn. Will you stand by silently as President Obama supports painful resolutions against Israel?

And let me be clear, opposing Obama and his actions in no way means opposing the United States. You can still be a loyal American and oppose President Obama. In fact, it does not even mean supporting Trump or becoming a Republican. Even Senator Schumer, a Democrat from New York opposes this resolution.

Frankly, of all the time you have been Ambassador, this is the best and EASIEST time for you to take a stand. Obama will be gone in less than a month, being replaced by a more Israel – friendly President. Obama has handed you a platform and a reason to stand up and announce your allegiance to your people. And, unlike the Mexican Ambassador, you can accomplish this without risking your career.

Ambassador Shapiro, now it is your Chanukah moment. We are asking you “מי לה’ אילי” Who will you choose Obama or Am Yisrael?

About the Author
Donny Reich made Aliyah in 2012 and lives in Modiin with his 2 teenage children.