An Open Letter to Ambassador Shapiro – Where’s Accountability?

Dear Mr. Ambassador, I’m writing this letter to you in your capacity as the official representative of the Obama Administration in Israel. It’s an important job, and a difficult one I understand. As you know, we worked together for two months in Summer Camp 25 years ago, during which time I developed much respect for you, as a person, and a friend. And that hasn’t changed.

However the gruesome murder of 13 year old Hallel Yaffa Ariel just last week, and the events surrounding that murder have compelled me to write to you, in public, as an Israeli to officially ask why the Obama administration in all its almost 8 years in the White House still refuses to hold the Palestinian Government and its people publicly accountable for creating a cult of death that elevates child murderers into heroes, like the terrorist that slashed and stabbed young Hillel to death last week.

To recap events:

It’s clear that incitement by Palestinian Authority and the glorification of martyrdom in Palestinian society is connected to this murder in so many ways and on so many levels.

Sadly, none of these facts come to a shock to Israelis, as I’m sure they don’t come as a shock to you or the Obama Administration.

And yet, throughout the past eight years while the Palestinians regularly and repeatedly glorified Palestinians murderers of innocent Israelis, incited Palestinians to “Protect Al-Aqsa Mosque” and continues to pay terrorists with US and European tax payer money, the Obama administration, and you, continue to remain silent and refuse to publicly hold accountable the Palestinian authority, Mahmud Abbas, or call out the culture of death promoted by the Palestinian Authority and nurtured in Palestinians society.

On the other hand, the Obama Administration has regularly and repeatedly over the past 8 years questioned Israel’s “Commitment to peace” and publicly slammed Israel on countless occasions. Whether it was for approving building permits in the West Bank, demanding that Israel find and hold accountable the murderer(s) of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, and even, through other channels calling the Israeli Prime Minister a Chicken Sh!t. However, they have never a single time in the face of never ending incitement by the Palestinian Authority to kill the same Israelis they are supposed to make peace with, ever questioned the Palestinians “Commitment to peace.”

I’m sure most Israelis (and even Jews) would agree that if the Obama administration isn’t capable of publicly condemning the Palestinian Authority and demanding they cease incitement and stop glorifying murderers following the gruesome murder of an innocent 13 year old girl in her own bed, that they can’t be honest brokers and have lost any claim to being friends of the Israeli people. If pure politics trumps the moral imperative of holding murderers accountable and demanding the end to the type of incitement that led to this murder, then the Obama administration has lost its way.

Me and the people of Israel will be waiting with bated breath for the you and the White House to finally do your moral duty and publicly condemn the incitement by the Palestinian Authority that clearly led to this murder (and the similar murder of literally thousands of innocent Israelis over the years), and acknowledge that there can be no excuse for Palestinians to teach their children to murder Israelis. We also expect the Obama Administration stop with the double standard, questioning Israel’s commitment to peace while not doing the same of the Palestinians as they teach their children to murder ours.

We both went to the same summer camp, both grew up singing songs of peace. You know as well as I do that Israelis really dream of peace. Now it’s up to you to prove it that the Obama administration shares the same values, and is capable of taking a public stand for what’s right.

About the Author
Richard grew up in the US and has been in Israel for more than 15 years. He is a writer, news junkie and ex-beach bum living in Tel Aviv.