An Open Letter to Mahmoud Abbas: You Blew it Again…..

Sir….you somehow have less political acumen than Arafat.

By the way, I was fascinated by a political cartoon I saw out of Egypt which had both the U.S. and Israel aiming a cannon at Arafat on behalf of the 10 year anniversary of his death. In fact, it was in-fighting between the PA and Hamas; the fact that Hamas cancelled the scheduled memorial service to Arafat that became the farce.

Though the U.S. and Israel had absolutely nothing to do with that petty and insane internecine politics; they both were still blamed. Got YOU off the hook, didn’t it?

But, then, you started talking again.

To note; I do not support the Israeli hard Right’s ‘Jewish Legislation’ even a little bit. Its petty and it is counterproductive. That, not to mention that Israel IS a ‘Jewish State’ which needs to start acting like it rather than continuing to be defensive, ‘tribal’ and talking about it. Just be a ‘Jewish State’ and act like a ‘Jewish State.’

My concerns with the ‘Jewish State’ legislation are many but include the fact that it presents Israel, again, poorly. You see, Netanyahu and the Israeli hard Right often have the same pathetically timed political acumen and sense as do you.

Then there is Avigdor Lieberman who never knows when to stop talking; even if briefly. Avigdor’s recent offer to ‘pay’ Palestinians to move out of the Territories was as absurd – almost as absurd, anyway – as your speech to the Arab League on the ‘Jewish Legislation.’

But Lieberman also mixed some valuable comments into that otherwise stupid presentation. He talked about, among other things, an awareness that Israel would need to talk about land for peace; would need to seriously consider the return of some territory to the Palestinians.

You should have mentioned that, Mr. Abbas. But you just succeeded at drawing Israeli and Diaspora Jew’s attention away from Lieberman and back to you. Doesn’t seem like a good political strategy to me at all.

Another concern is not ‘apartheid’ but that the ‘Jewish Legislation’ does risk creating its own unique ‘caste’ system in Israel. As Jews knowing our own Jewish history over thousands of years, we of all peoples should consider that amoral.

But you just gave the ‘Jewish Legislation’ tremendous support because, like Lieberman, you also don’t when to stop talking; even briefly.

You, once again, have demonstrated that you are a failure. You have failed and even more delayed any future of an independent, or autonomous, Palestine.

That, not unlike Netanyahu, your only concern is staying in office and that your citizen’s future can all go to hell. That, once again and very much like Arafat, your timing is not only absurd but you again screwed up big time.

No doubt just gave quite a boost to the Israeli hard Right’s ‘Jewish Legislation,’ as a matter of fact. You twit….

This was one time you simply should have kept quiet. Let Israel work it through and respond to Israelis; to the rest of us in the Diaspora who are not impressed with the ‘Jewish State Legislation.’ Maybe say some words of encouragement to your own citizens and to Israeli Arab citizens but wait.

But, once again – actually, more so than usual – you really screwed up and gave tremendous support to the Israeli hard Right.

And not only among the Israeli hard Right choir, but also among more progressive, liberal and open minded Israeli Jews; among Jews in the Diaspora to particularly include American Jews who continue very split in their opinions.

You just helped, if temporarily, mend that split.

And no, Mr. Abbas…Israel is not practicing apartheid. If it truly were, do you think you would be able to come and go as you please? Do you think you’d be able to provide your whiney soliloquies to the UN? Do you think would have made it to Cairo for the Arab League meeting?

Israel knows where you and your fellow PA leaders live. Israel knows where Hamas and their leadership live. If Israel were practicing ‘apartheid,’ you and your immediate colleagues would be toast, Mr. Abbas.

Haven’t you figured that out yet?

Once again, you are personally blowing another potentially strong opportunity for the PA to be taken seriously; are blowing any real future for the Palestinian people. You are personally strengthening a similarly amoral Israeli hard Right.

About the Author
I was born in Baltimore, MD and have since had a wide range of experiences including a year plus in Israel. I've been a progressive organizer, writer/media spokesperson, coordinator and freelance. I am a PhD level Clinical Behavioral Analyst specializing in severe behavioral need in children (and adults) and their families. I write through no ‘agenda or special interest’ other than being a passionate supporter of Israel and Israel's future.