Ambrosine Shitrit

An open letter to Nick Ferrari and LBC radio

And as the tears start to dry a little from the hideous murders of Eyal,Gil-Ad ,Naftali and Mohammed, I am starting to see the wickedness of parts of our British media.

The media already have a bias against Israel, but now it’s become an internal war on whose murder or bloody attack is more significant because of their age.

This morning on LBC radio where it really should have been a show on the memorial of the 7/7 terrorist attacks, the subject came up of the 15-year-old American cousin of the murdered Arab child, “supposedly” beaten by Israeli police.

And I say supposedly because of what the presenter Nick Ferrari said later in our conversation.

I’m not a spokesperson for Israel, I’m just a Jewish mother and obviously, any discussion on Israel always attracts the anti-Israel brigade, and it is sometimes difficult to get the pro-Israel voice out there.

The show is usually very heated and talk radio often is about different subject areas an entertaining and well produced show .

However this morning was different.

I decided to call up in the morning the presenter of this breakfast radio show, to answer his question, about the 15-year-old Arab boy that was brutally attacked, and put my thoughts about the acts of murder and abuse towards our children.

Yes, I said the word “children”.

I began with repeating Mark Regev, the official Israeli spokesperson who said this morning on BBC radio 4 the words of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu .The strong words of condemnation, and that Israel will deal with terrorism and murder on both sides the same way and all the perpetrators of such crimes,will be brought to justice.

The presenter interrupted me and said that Eyal Naftali Gil-ad were not children!

He then went on to say that somebody who is 15, is a child but somebody who is 16 is not and emphasised that there was a 19 year old in the scenario so they were NOT children.

I won’t go through the whole call, but in effect he was literally dismantling and analysing murder based on age.

He was picking up points and saying again that an attack on a 15-year-old child is not the same as the murders of Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali because they weren’t children. And that my use of the world “children” was wrong.

He was scoring points by using my terminology and separating it out to who was a child and who wasn’t a child.
In fact the whole debate then descended into an argument about who is a child?

Well Mr Ferrari. Better listen up!

1.I am a mother, and my child will be my child for as long as I am on this earth.

2.I don’t define an age where I call my child something else.

3.Whether my child is one year old or 50 years old, it would still be my child.

4. I will talk about my daughter as my child and she won’t be defined into a category of whether she’s old enough to be called my child.

5. Any crime against my child or other parents children will be called a crime against children. The age of your child is immaterial they are still your children.

Mr Ferrari, the murder by Hamas terrorists of the 3 Jewish “children” was not “supposedly” enabled by Hamas, it WAS purportrated by Hamas. And a third suspect, a Hamas member was arrested.

The 15-year-old Arab child beaten up by police were hideous acts . And the difference is, if there is any, is that any crime towards a child is reprehensible .

Yes a child Mr Ferrari . I’m sorry you don’t see a 19 year old as a child.

The bereaved parents of Eyal,
Gil-Ad, Naftali and Mohammed were all the mothers and fathers of these “children” and to differentiate between them as being more or less worthy of a murder or an attack because of their age by a radio presenter, is more than incitement.


It is just vile. It is cutting off and separating whose attack is better or deserved because of their age.

I admit I got angry. However the media has got to a new low point.

Instead of a balanced debate about the attack or murder of an Israeli or Arab child, they are now separating the two and literally asking callers to comment on whose life is more worthy. They are basically saying that the hideous abuse of a child by Israeli police officers is possibly more concerning than the murder of three children kidnapped,held hostage and shot in the head by a terrorist organisation. And Mr Ferrari quickly picked up on my use of the word “Hamas”.

Your show may be a Sony award winner Mr Ferrari, but the only people that deserve an award are the parents of these bereaved and pained “children”.





About the Author
Ambrosine spent 15 years in the UK media and music industry working with British pop acts such as Mel & Kim, covering International promotions. Spent the last ten years as a voice over. In 2013 Ambrosine set up Yad B'yad-UK to monitor and help people who have been victims of racial abuse and anti-Semitism through social media platforms.