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An Open Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,
In these turbulent times, when the noise of dissent grows deafening, a strong and unwavering voice must rise above the chaos. As the leader of one of the world’s most scrutinized democracies, your role is not just a position of authority but a beacon of unyielding strength and principled resolve.
Israel, as you well know, is perpetually on the front lines, not just in terms of geography but in the ideological battles that define the age. These conflicts are not merely about land and sovereignty but about the very essence of what it means to uphold democratic values in the face of relentless threats. It is here, amidst the smoke of contention, that your leadership is not just beneficial but crucial.
The pressures you face are symptomatic of a broader malaise affecting the free world, where democracies are besieged not by the strength of their adversaries, but by the erosion of their own conviction. You are criticized for actions that any sovereign nation would consider not only reasonable but obligatory under similar circumstances. This double standard is not just hypocritical; it is a strategic maneuver by those who would rather see a world map redrawn by the hand of appeasement than by the pen of justice.
 To relent under such pressure, to bow to the distortions of those who, in the comfortable quiet of their distant judgments, prescribe restraint where they would practice retaliation, would be more than a mistake. It would be a capitulation—a forfeiture of not just land, but of the very principles upon which the state of Israel was founded.
Your defense of Israel is a beacon for all democracies facing existential threats. It is a reminder that the liberty we so cherish is not granted but gained, and once gained, must be guarded with vigilance and strength. In an era where the enemies of freedom disguise their animus in the language of rights and resistances, your clarity is as commendable as it is essential.
Israel must stand as a symbol of strength and resolve. Prime Minister Netanyahu, do not be swayed by the chorus of critics who lack both your understanding and your stakes in this historic fight. Your leadership is not just your legacy; it is a lifeline to every democracy that values sovereignty over submission, strength over appeasement. History will not remember the words of your detractors, but the courage of your convictions. Stand firm, for in the annals of freedom, it is the stalwart, not the compliant, who shape the course of destiny.
Let the world know: Israel stands, unyielding, because when tyranny knocks, it is the fearless who answer the door. In these decisive moments, it is your steadfast leadership, guided by the wisdom of God and the principles of the Torah, that will illuminate the path forward, ensuring that Israel’s light shines brightly in the face of darkness. The future of democratic values rests upon such unwavering determination. Sincerely,
Linda Sadacka
About the Author
Linda Sadacka is a prominent political activist and community leader, renowned for her influential social media platform @lindaadvocate. Her advocacy, sparked by the tragic murder of a close friend by Hamas, has led her to become the CEO of the New York Jewish Council where she addresses significant Jewish community issues. Separately, she founded Moms on a Mitzvah, a 501(c)(3) charity focused on charitable works and community support. Linda's political endeavors include organizing forums with lawmakers and Nobel laureates, while her charitable initiatives leverage her skills in social media to engage broader audiences. Honored as a Woman of Distinction in 2022 by Senator Felder, Linda continues to drive her vision of a just and compassionate society through distinct avenues of public engagement and community support.