An Open Letter to Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ)

According to Axios, quoting sources, Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) recently told Bibi Netanyahu he has “serious concerns” over a possible partnership with “extremist and polarizing individuals like Ben-Gvir.” Menendez did not back down from the issue even after Netanyahu expressed irritation regarding the senator’s advice.

Menendez, who has been a strong supporter of Israel in Congress in the past, has demonstrated the ultimate in chutzpah!

Firstly, has he condemned the “extremist and polarizing” antisemites in his own party, such as Reps. Tlaib and Omar? Should he not be more concerned with extremists and polarizing individuals at home before he concerns himself with democratically elected officials in Israel.

Secondly, did he issue the same warnings to the new right wing governments in Italy and Sweden. The Washington Post reported: “The kingmakers in Sweden are the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD), a party founded in 1988 by ultranationalist extremists and neo-Nazis.” Did he warn anyone in Sweden from including them in the government? A double standard when it comes to the Jewish State – sounds suspicious to me!

Additionally, an American has no business judging political positions within Israeli politics and calling representatives of the people racist based upon American values. A significant proportion of the 20% of the Israeli population which identifies as Arab is anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. Arab Israelis have the same rights as any Israeli, yet in May 2021 many Arab neighbors participated in anti-Jewish pogroms in Israeli cities like Lod and Akko. Additionally at least 80% of the Arab population in the territories support terrorism. Even an elected member of parliament has supported terrorism when she speaks to the Arab sector. With such a sizeable fifth column within a small country, some actions that seem racist to an American are necessary to protect the majority of the Israeli population. As Ben-Gvir, himself, has said: “I am not against Arabs, I am against terrorists.”

One final word: Palestinians in America frequently refer to Israel as an apartheid state. Yet, twenty percent of the Israeli population is Arab, and there are tens of thousands of Palestinians who come to work in Israel proper on a daily basis. On the other hand, Israelis and Jews are forbidden from entering the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority (Area A) or Hamas (Gaza) and their lives are threatened should they accidentally take a wrong turn. Those Arab controlled areas are Judenrein. So I ask you, whose territory is an apartheid state?

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Strong religious zionist background: First trip in 1963 - bar mitzvah, spent a summer volunteering at Hadassah in 1970, spent a year in Yeshiva in Jerusalem in 1971-72, parents made aliya in 1979, Tried to make aliyah in 1983 but was told I wouldn't fit into the system (after completing a fellowship in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) Professional: Board certified in general surgery, private practice in Manhattan for 28years, the Chief of the ENT / Head & Neck Service at the Phoenix VAMC, Clinical professor of surgery at Univ of AZ-Phoenix for 8 years. Finally made Aliyah in 2016 to work in Rambam. Licensed and Board certified in Israel Hobbies: Skiing, Hiking, Creating
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