An open letter to the BNP

Dear BNP Youth,

Just a question on the back of your video which claimed Zionism is a threat to Britain… I was just wondering… do you know what Zionism actually is?

Because it doesn’t sound like it.

Let me explain. Zionism, is Jewish nationalism.  It believes that Israel is the homeland of Jews and that Jews have a right to self determination just like any other people.

Moreover, Israel is a democracy – the only one in the Middle East – and surrounded by extremist Islamic states.  In Israel, we have a free press, freedom of expression and freedom of worship.  Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christians are protected.  Indeed, more and more Christians are joining the Israel Defence Forces.  The holy sites of Christianity in Israel – the Holy Sepulchre, the Basilica of the Annunciation, and many more are protected by Israel… with Israeli taxes, and often supported by Zionist organizations, many of which receive support from abroad.

Israel has been at the heart of monitoring radical Islamic groups and terrorists.  Indeed, the same groups which call for the downfall of British culture and the imposition of Sharia law, also call for the destruction of Israel.

Now, please don’t think that Israel is your ally.  I don’t think it is. Mostly because modern Zionism, as a political movement for Jewish nationalism, was formed in part as an answer to the Far Right and fascist persecution of Jews, and the imposition of totalitarian rule which quashed the freedoms of minorities.

But let’s address your accusation for a moment….

“Heartless Zionists, who have foreign interests, send British soldiers to fight and die for the greedy profit of politicians.”

Right… lost for words a bit here…. when? Which war?  Would that be World War II when Hebrew brigades from the Zionist Yishuv fought side by side with the British and allied forces against Hitler and the Nazis?

In terms of the modern day, Israel is one the UK’s leading trade partners, and the cutting edge medical and technological research carried out in Israel everyday is used to improve the lives of people across the UK and the world.

It seems to me that you think Zionism is a good ‘ism’ to throw behind slurs and vitriol in order sound intelligent and heroic…. I am afraid the result is quite the opposite.

It is clear from your video that you are determined to capitalise on the human instinct to be fearful of ‘the other’.  Sadly for you, Israel is not for the UK, ‘the other’, but a good friend and partner, and your attempt to slander Zionism says much more about you than it does Israel.

About the Author
Jason Pearlman is a strategic consultant and media advisor specializing in communications and campaigns.