An Open Letter To the PM

Dear Bibi,

I doubt that you will even see this letter.

I write this letter early on the morning of July 1 2014, the day of the funerals for the three children, Gilad, Naftali and Eyal, whose bodies were found last night – הי׳ד. I am just one the citizens of Israel who mourn the loss of youth. Three more names added to a long list already carved into the hearts and souls of each of us.

Their parents had plans and hopes for their children. These boys dreamt about their future, their lives and what they wished one day to become. Their families have lost their children and their future. Medinat Yisrael has lost its finest. Today instead of praying that God should protect and defend our children, we will answer amen as kaddish is recited over fresh graves.

Mr Prime Minister, Bibi, have you noticed what the people are saying? In short the electorate is demanding an end to all of this. The citizens of Israel are looking at you for leadership and resolve. You must act with courage and strength because that is what is expected of you. We are demanding security and trust. Trust that we can rely on the government to do all that it can to protect its citizens.

There was a time and not so long ago that a parent in Israel could let their child go out alone, even at night without fear or concern for their safety. In this way the State of Israel was unique. In no other major city in the world is this possible except in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I fear that these days are over.

Israel is changing rapidly because our enemies know which buttons to press with impunity. They have now become major celebrities within their own communities who celebrate murder of children with candies and fireworks. They also know with certainty that the international community will call for ‘restraint’ and ‘proportionality’ whatever that means.

Yet we in Israel look to you to provide a deterrent. The message must be clear. It is not profitable to abduct and murder any Israeli citizen anywhere.

‘Is there any other nation in the world like Israel?’ At one time this was said to describe our collective virtue and righteousness. Alas today these words are said to describe our weakness and timidity.

Bibi, listen to your electorate. Enough is enough. If the government of the day is not courageous and lacks the resolve to undertake the action that is necessary and that the people are demanding, then the government of tomorrow will have to face the same situation, time and time again.

As a citizen of the State of Israel, I am looking at you right now. Bibi do the right thing.

Y Brown

Ma’ale Adumim




About the Author
Rabbi Yehudah Brown was born in Rhodesia now Zimbabwe. Having served as an orthodox rabbi in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia he finally made aliyah with his family in 2013. He is the author of two acclaimed novels. He lives in Maale Adumim.
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