Shmuel Lemon

An Open Letter to the Rabbis

How can one vote for the President?

Take a look at some of the statements he has made concerning the virus

  • “Not to fear the disease”
  • “It’s patriotic to wear a mask”
  • “We have it totally under control”
  • “USA in great shape!”
  • “It’s going to be just fine.”
  • “We pretty much shut it down coming in from China.”
  • “We’re going very substantially down, not up.”
  • “I think we’re doing a really good job in this country at keeping it [the numbers] down… a tremendous job at keeping it down.”
  • “99 percent of [cases] are totally harmless”
  • “the containment of the virus is close to airtight” “will likely have a therapeutic and/or vaccine solution long before the end of the year”.
  • Ridiculing masks and mask-wearing
  • “That the virus might disappear through a miracle.”
  • “This is like a flu.”
  • Not acknowledging what Dr Fauci said that “the United States is actually going in the wrong direction
  • “They recommend it [wearing a mask] I just don’t want to wear one myself.”
  • “I don’t take responsibility at all,”
  • Claiming it will end at around 60,000 [deaths]
  • Musing whether disinfectant and sunlight should be injected into the body to treat coronavirus.

All this demonstrates that he has downplayed the seriousness of the virus.

Isn’t this putting people’s life at risk?

Doesn’t common sense dictate that preservation of life precedes any other consideration whatever it maybe (benefits for Israel, the economy etc.)?

Doesn’t Jewish law dictate that preservation of life precedes any other consideration whatever it maybe (benefits for Israel, the economy etc.)?

Yes we need to take into account the effect the restrictions have on the economy. We need to balance between saving lives and saving the economy.   But first we need to accept the seriousness of the virus. One must never downplay the seriousness of the virus and then act accordingly.   That’s not preserving life.

How can one vote for him? Isn’t it against the Torah, against the word of G-d?

One may not want to vote for the other candidate. Ok. So then doesn’t the law then dictate that one doesn’t vote at all?

About the Author
Shmuel Lemon has been a communal orthodox Rabbi, teacher, educator and engaged with the Jewish community; presently residing in Edgware England. He had a chareidi background but now considers himself to be a plain orthodox Jew. He has experienced the pulse of today’s adults having being involved with different communities from different backgrounds especially in Israel and Johannesburg. He can be contacted at