An Open Letter to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland

Mr. High Commissioner, HRH Prince Zeid,It has come to our attention that your Royal Highness has announced your resignation from the UN Human Rights Council, effective at the end of the year, due to what you have called the “appalling climate for advocacy…the global retreat from human rights.” You even questioned “the ability of the United Nations to play a role as champion of human rights”.

We wholeheartedly agree, but unfortunately, not for the same reasons.

Under your four-year mandate, placing Israel into the defendant’s dock at each session of the Human Rights Council, received no criticism from you.  To accuse Israel of “crimes against humanity” was a useful cover-up for the truly criminal states in your chamber, that led to the hypocrisy you now rue, indeed, an inability “to champion human rights.” As a Prince of Jordan, Mr. High Commissioner, we deplore that a relative of the late peace-warrior, King Hussein, RIP, could deny his legacy by dredging from the deepest swamp of hate, the Nazi tool of blacklisting companies working with the Jewish State and providing employment to Palestinians in the territories — an action in violation of the World Trade Organisation anti-boycott provisions.

Yes, High Commissioner, you are correct. Under your watch, the Human ‘Wrongs’ Council has only served to exacerbate incitement in the region,and Israel, a fixture for targetting marking up more fabricated ‘violations’ than the sum total of all other perpetrator member-states.

After  you are gone, your successor will probably continue to countenance the pursuit of the reflex “accused” Israel and you will be right, “the ability of the United nations to play a role as champion of human rights,” will be consequently and continually impugned.

Most respectfully,

Dr. Shimon Samuels

About the Author
Shimon Samuels is Emeritus Director for International Relations of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. He has served in the IDF. He was Deputy Director of the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, European Director of ADL, and Israel Director of AJC. He was born in UK, where he studied as also Israel, U.S. and Japan.
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