James Harmon
“The truth will set you free” (John 8:32)

An Outsiders Perspective

If Hamas were winning this war I wonder if the rest of the world would be calling for Hamas to stop the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people, call for a truce or a cease fire and a two state solution? Would South Africa have gone to The Hague charging Hamas with the genocide of the Jews? A degree in brain surgery is not required to answer these questions.

Some would have us believe that the purpose in savagely slaughtering some 1139 innocent civilians was to bring the plight of the Palestinians to the world’s attention. The fact that the Palestines do not have a state of their own is said to be Israel’s fault. The slaughter of October 7th and the resultant war is, therefore, Israel’s fault and a cease fire and a two state solution are needed immediately. This is a classic example of circular reasoning and it is unadulterated antisemitism.

If Israel were on the losing side of this war would there be a cry for a cease fire and a two state solution? Those calling for a cease fire and a two state solution are pro-Palestine anti Jewish ideologues who have conveniently forgotten what Hamas did on October 7th. And, by the way, they are much more anti-Jewish than they are pro-Palestine. They have conveniently ignored the fact that these rabid Hamas dogs are currently holding some 132 innocent people hostage. Yet it is Israel who must stop destroying Hamas, the Gaza Strip and displacing the Palestinians who occupy that territory. And let’s not forget that some 76% of the Palestine population of Gaza support Hamas and its actions. This is unequivocally biased antisemitic insanity on a global scale! Let there be no mistake. It is God Whom they hate.

The land that the nation of Israel currently sits on is just a small part of the Abrahamic land covenant (Genesis 12:1-3). Anyone currently living in the area who is not a citizen of Israel or not a supporter of Israel’s God given right to this land is simply occupying the wrong piece of real estate and they need to move. If one doesn’t believe this then one should know that one’s argument is with God, not me.

I pray that all of the hostages can be recovered healthy and alive, but the greater priority for Israel is to eliminate her enemies and protect her citizens. God gave you this land and He is on your side!

About the Author
James Harmon was born and raised on the Island of Trinidad, in the West Indies, to American missionaries. From 1975 to 1995he worked in the oil fields of Oklahoma, Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, offshore Cameroon W. Africa, the Ivory Coast of W. Africa, Siberia Russia and Sweden (we drilled an exploratory well for the Swedish government). From 1995 until he retired in 2021 he sold construction equipment in Oklahoma and Texas. James has a Masters of Theology degree from Maranatha Seminary. His studies were in Biblical Hebrew, Koine Greek, Isagogics and Systematic Theology. His exposure to various nationalities and cultures has given him a well rounded perspective on life. His Christian faith puts much of that perspective to good use.