Angered, but not surprised

So I am sure that by this point, I am not breaking any headlines by writing about the anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution that was passed hardly a day ago. Nor is it a surprise anymore that President Obama chose to turn his back on Israel during the waning days of his presidency and decided not to use America’s veto power to strike down the resolution. As angry as this makes me, I have to say that I was not particularly surprised. As a matter of fact, I was expecting it, given that his past eight years of foreign policy can be summed up as no less than an absolute catastrophe.

I cannot help but to occasionally remind myself that merely four-hundred miles northeast of where I live; Bashar Al-Assad has been using fighter jets and tanks to kill his own people for what now seems like an eternity. I cannot help but notice the eerie silence emanating from the White House and State Department regarding this massacre, especially when you compare it to the steady flow of rhetoric from them critical of Israel.

Today, Iran is more emboldened than ever thanks to years of weakness from the Obama administration. Every day, we see Iranian acts of aggression against US forces in the region. Iran, now more than ever, continues to act with virtual impunity in its efforts to destabilize the entire region. On the note of terrorism, every single other person living in Israel and I can personally Obama administration’s appalling negotiating skills. As a result of their incompetence, Iran now has a hundred billion dollars more that it will use to finance those who would like to put a bullet in the back of my head.

This decision by Barack Obama does nothing more than further highlight his administration’s complete disconnection from reality regarding foreign policy. Their reckless policy of appeasement, inaction, and outright incompetence, has not only been counterproductive to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process but on a much larger scale, has turned this world into a far more dangerous place than it was eight years ago.

I will not remember Obama as a man of peace; I will remember him as a man who through his idealistic worldview, has laid the foundation for the forces for Islamic fundamentalism to take the entire free world hostage. He could have used his final weeks in office to try and put an end to the holocaust being carried out in Aleppo. Like a petulant child, however, he chose to let his personal hatred of Netanyahu cloud his judgment, and he instead wasted his and the UN’s time with yet another pointless resolution attacking the Jewish State.

By not opposing this resolution, President Obama has emboldened Palestinian terrorism, by not using his veto power, President Obama has pushed peace further away and will make the Palestinians less willing to negotiate and more willing to continue their campaign of delegitimization, demonization, and ultimately, destruction of the Jewish State.

Look at the date today; President Obama has come and gone, in a matter of weeks, he will wave his last goodbye to the White House and before you know it, he will fade into history. The State of Israel and the Jewish people, however, who have inhabited this land for thousands of years are still around and will continue to be around long after the Obama era has ended.

About the Author
Benjamin Jaffe currently lives in Israel with his family and is a soldier in the Armored Corps of the Israel Defense Forces.