Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


How should we relate to them?

As creatures created by G-d.

Everything created by G-d can be used constructively, or destructively. A knife can be used for good things or the opposite. Nuclear energy can power cities, or kill innocent people. So one of the seven Noahide laws that G-d told Moses at Mount Sinai, is to not murder.

And one of the seven Noahide laws, is to not eat part of an animal while it is still alive.

We are allowed to use animals for our needs, but not cruelly.

When we realize that the world and everything in it belongs to G-d, then we think about what He wants, and we act accordingly.

And we help to create a peaceful world, and a dwelling place for G-d, where everyone and everything is in tune to His will.

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