Anit Berger a tragedy to the Jewish Pico Community

A year an a half ago I was in Southern California on a mission to speak to different groups about my experience in the IDF as a lone soldier. After me and my group had spoken to all different groups I had the privilege to spend Shabbat at the Pico Shul.

It was a wonderful Shabbat experience where I was hosted by a nice fellow who I still keep in contact with and ate at a nice couple who had been living in the area for years.

During Saturday morning after prayers there was an enormous Kiddush with a lot of very healthy salads California style.

As I waited in line I realized there was a young lady who spoke Hebrew and being an Israeli myself I had a little conversation.

She told me how she was living in Los Angeles to make her way up the entertainment industry and I told her how I am an Israeli by choice and joined the IDF a few years ago and was in Southern California to speak at several venues about my experience in the army.

I was surprised this morning when I woke up at five in the morning and checked my Facebook I saw Rabbi Yonah doing a memorial service for Anit Berger.

I was in shook to know that she was no longer with us in the world. I may have only spoke to her for a few minutes, but within those few minutes I could tell there was something special about her.

A lot of different people who knew her took the podium and started talking about how she was trying to become more Shabbat observant.

Another speaker said she and her husband were living on a boat and were trying to figure out how the world would direct them. Due to the fact her parents reside in Israel he had to call the parents to inform them she was killed in a car accident.

Another speaker talked about how Anit was interested in gathering support of many celebrities to help people in need all over the world to help repair the world which was her ultimate goal.

I checked the Israeli news sites to see if there was any information about what happened to Anit because she was a very well known actress and model in Israel best known for her role in the second season of the 80s TV show.

According to Walla, ” The actress and model ship Berger was killed in a car accident in Los Angeles and was 29 years old. Berger was injured in an accident that occurred a few days ago. She struggled for her life for several days but eventually succumbed to her wounds at night and would be transferred for burial in Haifa. Berger played in the second season of ‘ 80s.”

The article in Walla continued by quoting her husband Bret Joshua saying how it was a great privilege to have been married to her and mentioned how she was committed to both the Jewish community and the willingness to help the poor and needy.

On her Instagram Anit was seen with many celebrities like Jason Alexander, Will Smith and Robert DeNiro at charity events.

She even made an incredible video on YouTube which was filmed in Venice beach which shows her flying on a broom throughout Venice beach.

To do that video must have taken a lot of time and energy and it was very impressive to watch how she managed to do it with a simple go-pro camera and a simple editing software.

Anit was a very special and talented person who unfortunately had her life cut short by a car accident.

The Pico Shul has started a memorial fund to help her family the link is here below to help donate every dollar or shekel counts.

Anit Liah Berger Memorial Fund


May her memory be a blessing


About the Author
Shlomo was born in Florida and moved to Israeli in 2012, he holds a degree from Florida Atlantic University in Political Science, served in the IDF as a combat soldier and is a current reservist in the Golani Brigade.