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Anne Frank and family were denied US visas and not as news reports say

The JTA in a proper translation from the Dutch press and from a news flash from the Anne Frank Foundation reports that the Frank visas request was interrupted by the German invasion into the Netherlands and a second time by Perl Harbor. It was never denied. But this is untrue.

Whether it is journalist laziness, unprofessionalism, underpaid-ness or tight deadlines, they should have checked the report of the findings that was even in English and whose link was included in the original news flash.

The true reason for the Franks being trapped in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands was not fate or bad luck. It was US unwillingness to accept German Jewish refugees. The report is very clear.

It’s not been discovered when the Franks first applied for their visas but it must have been at least a year before the Nazi invasion. However, their request was not processed, together with many by other Jews who wanted to leave but were put on a pile. This is what in Israel is called an Italian strike. Technically, it’s not a strike but from the lack of work getting done that’s hard to tell.

It wasn’t bad luck and it was not “American bureaucracy” that blocked their way out. It was plain old dislike of Jews. Like China, the Philippines and others not in the West, they should have been honored and thrilled to receive Jews and felt obligated to welcome people fleeing for their lives. The US authorities were not. And that is the plain sad truth.

To call this “not denied” is as saying: no he was not executed because his request for clemency was denied but it was not contemplated at any time during three years that it arrived before the execution. It was denied.

In any case, as the New York Times points out: much of this research was old news from 2007.


BTW, I often find errors in JTA reports about the Low Countries. The previous report talked about “Amsterdam’s oldest Jewish cemetery.”

The truth? The oldest burial places for Jews from Amsterdam were outside of the city borders: in Ouderkerk (the Spanish-Portuguese) and Muiden (Ashkenazic). Later were added cemeteries in Diemen, Overveen and for the non-Orthodox (Liberal/Conservative) in Hoofddorp and Amstelveen.

The one inside Amsterdam is there the only one – funny to call that the oldest as it’s also the newest – and meant for the poor – most of prewar Jews there. Only 20% of these grounds so far has been picked up recently – and not as reported all of it.

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