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5 quotes from a 13-year-old that can change the world

Words to change the world by, from the wise, forever young Anne Frank on her birthday

Anne Frank, forever young, that smiling face will never change.

She was born on June 12, 1929.  But she would have been 87 yesterday, if she hadn’t been murdered by the Nazis, during the brutal winter of 1945.

I squint my eyes when I look at her picture and I try to imagine…

What if.

We can’t know what she would have done or who she would have been had she lived, but we do know this: She saw the world for what it could be – and even from her vantage point, locked away in a dim and dusty attic, the world could be a place of truth and goodness.

Think about all the beauty in the world, and be happy.

And even though she’s dead, we are still alive to remember what she wrote in the diary she received as a birthday present. to mark her 13th year.

So, let us remember her by these five beautiful quotes — some serious truth to power, right in the stomach, quotes — five incredible quotes that should inspire us to make the world a better place.

anne frank 1


anne frank

anne frank 3               anne frank 4

And finally…

anne frank 2

Yaala. Let’s do this thing: Let’s follow her wisdom and get to work.

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